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Illustrating My Top 100 Favorite Pokemon (as of 2023)!


The Easygoing Pokénerd
Jan 1, 2018
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I tried doing something like this in 2020, but was cut short for a variety of reasons. Now I'm going to try it again in the way I know best--in art form!
I love Pokemon, and this month leading up to Pokemon Day (and probably beyond because time) I will show my appreciation for my personal favorite creations from this wonderful franchise. Feel free to tag along!
I will be posting anywhere from 1 to 4 illustrations at a time as well as a small description of why I have that certain Pokemon on my favorites list. I won't go overboard with words like I did last time, I promise lmao

With all that out of the way, I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoyed making them. Pokemon and its creatures are very special to me and these 100 Pokemon are all like family to me. I'm giving back in a way!
Thank you everyone :D
My favorite starter from Paldea. Even with the other two being strong choices I couldn't say no to a duckling, especially one this charming and snazzy. Didn't want to evolve him right away, he's such a precious boi.

I like walruses, and the Pokemon equivalent does everything right. Intimidating, yet has kind of a cute blubbery side to it as well. Really fun to use in any Hoenn playthrough.

Ultra Beasts are one of my favorite concepts in the series, so expect a few of them on this countdown. A clown with a head that explodes like fireworks? And it has this appealing colorful design? I've signed up to this idea from the start, and I'll never grow tired of it.

Adorable, goofy, best running animation, shockingly fun. They managed to turn the basilisk lizard into such a rad specimen (also explains how it can learn Surf, which is hilariously accurate). It's a perfect conclusion to Helioptile.
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