IMPORTANT notice regarding avatars

Sheep Queen of Bulbagarden
Dec 29, 2002
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Recently, there's been some discussion among the staff regarding the kind of avatars we've seen here. We've especially noticed that some avatars were disturbingly sexualized, and were informed that, in some cases, users had avatars that were downright creeping out some of our female users and staff members. Given Bulbagarden's commitment for creating a safe haven for all, this is something that concerned us greatly.

As a result, we're issuing some new guidelines regarding what can and cannot be used in avatar (in addition to avatars not being allowed to otherwise break our rules).

1. Please avoid avatars featuring ridiculously oversexualized proportioned characters (breasts the size of volleyballs/beachballs, even if we only see part of the breasts; waists the size of stick figures, etc). This applies regardless of clothing, and even if we don't see the whole breasts (or other enlarged body parts)

2. Please avoid avatars that are focused on displaying a character's breasts, butt or crotch (regardless of gender), or a combination thereof; particularly if the character is contorting themselves to show off that combination. Again, this applies regardless of clothing (or lack of thereof).

3. Bulbagarden is not a lingerie or underwear catalogue. If it belongs in a Calvin Klein or Victoria's Secret catalogue, it doesn't belong here.

4. Swimsuits are a gray area: people in (not hyper revealing) swimsuits engaging in activities where it make sense to wear one are fine; people wearing them to show off their sexy bits is not fine. Avatars where the focus is not on the swimsuit (and the body parts they cover) are fine; avatars that emphasize the swimsuit not so fine. Check with the staff if in doubt. A thread to that end has been created to check. Link

5. Classical art (including album covers) featuring sexualized posture and/or NON-SEXUAL nudity (e.g: Nirvana's Nevermind cover) are case by case basis - generally they can be approved if they particularly fit with a user's theme

For now we'll simply start informing users if we find their avatars problematic, and discussing the matter with them; however users who refuse to adjust after that sort of discussion will eventually receive warnings and infractions.