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Info about the next three episodes? Translator please.



Usually when Ash has a free slot he sends his Pokes back to Oaks anyway. I don't expect him to keep his Snorlax on his roster.
May 2, 2003
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Murgatroyd said:
I've also got a lot of studying to do, primarily of kanji, before I try for 2-kyu. I really don't know whether I'll pass, but it's worth trying.
And here I was thinking you'd have 1-kyū under your belt already... I'm also going to try 2-kyū this December.

I think, knowing 50% of the required kanji (very) well will be sufficient for a pass. It should be enough to infer the meanings of words you don't recognise from context, and to guess the on-yomi of many other kanji.

What kills me is the grammar section... more conjunctions than I have fingers and toes... Fortunately, they're only worth about 40% of the comprehension-grammar section, which is itself 50% of the overall score.