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instruments in the mystery dungeon games


Jul 17, 2023
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i started my first playthrough of platinum today and decided to name my team after orchestral instruments, and this somehow led me to thinking about the PMD games and what kind of musical instruments pokémon might have in them. do you think they would have instruments similar to us, like violins, guitars, flutes, saxophones, drums, pianos, etc? or maybe completely different instruments altogether, since most pokémon don't have hands and mouths and whatnot like ours? in time/darkness/sky, there are the seven treasures which are all clearly 'human' musical instruments, but could pokémon with more anthropomorphic traits play them? (there may be some other examples of instruments in the PMD games, but i am not aware of them...) this could all be extended to the mainline games too! no reason that mainline pokémon can't play instruments. but i'm very curious to know what other people think.
we already have bipedal pokemon like rillaboom playing drums that they fashion themselves, toxtricity that strum on their chests, and kricketune that use their arms like a violin, so i dont see why they couldnt!
the pokemon in PMD are fully sentient in a way that makes them indistinguishable from humans (as opposed to the pokemon of the main games - not that that would impede any of their ability to make music!) so i think them even creating the 'human' instruments themselves, especially after discovering the seven treasures, is believable, even ones that are relatively complicated like pianos and brass instruments.
in turn, that makes me believe there would have to be plenty of non-anthro/non-bipedal pokemon that would also want to play an instrument, especially after seeing the bipedals do it, so it would make sense they'd set out to create instruments accessible to them, or even modify the 'human' ones. ntm, all the singing pokemon need instrumentals to back them up, and the dancing pokemon need something to dance to! you may not always be able to find a bipedal pokemon to play an instrument for you, let alone one that's good d:

i can see a tentacruel with a bigass flute that has like 20 holes and it uses a bunch of its tentacles to play ethereal harmonies that a single human (or bipedal) could never physically pull off. i can see quadrupeds, like luxray, playing harmonica with a neck holder - dont need no thumbs for that! i can see an anorith playing a weird, sideways double harp made for its species specifically to use its 8 legs. maybe eventually theyre able to progress technology in a similar way humans have, and they start making electronic music, synth music. you seen those videos of the guy hooking mushrooms up to a synthesizer and they make funny mushroom music? imagine a parasect plugging itself in xD i also think pedals and such would be especially useful for quadruped bands :)
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