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Inteleon joins the fray as Pokémon UNITE's latest playable character - Version update adds new Shedinja Doll battle item

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Pokémon UNITE - Inteleon
The Secret Agent Pokémon Inteleon has officially joined Pokémon UNITE's playable roster as of July 4th.

Pokémon UNITE - Inteleon Infographic
Inteleon Joins the Fray

A Ranged Special Attacker with Intermediate difficulty, the Inteleon license is available for in-game purchase now from the Aeos Emporium at a cost of 575 Aeos Gems.

Attacking from the backline, this sneaky spy's Sniper ability allows it to become camoflaged and unable to be targeted when near a wall. As Inteleon stays camoflaged, it gains critical counters, up to a maximum of three. Each time Inteleon performs a move with a set chance of doing a critical hit, one of these counters is consumed, making the move a guarenteed critical. Inteleon will also deal increased damage when landing a critical hit, even when it doesn't use a critical counter. Inteleon's Unite Move, Azure Spy Vision, allows it to spot nearby stealthed or hiding Pokémon, as well as doubling its critical-hit rate, and giving it an additional critical counter after a set length of time.

An overview of Inteleon's moves was posted to the official Pokémon UNITE YouTube channel.

Pokémon UNITE - Inteleon Holowear
Launching alongside the debut of Inteleon are Purple and Orange UNITE Style Holowear for the Pokémon. These Holowear can currently be bought at Zirco Trading for 350 Aeos Gems each.

Pokémon UNITE's roster has expanded substantially since the game was release in July 2021, with the addition of Inteleon bringing the total number of playable Pokémon (treating each evolution line as a single Pokémon) up to 55. Further additions are already scheduled for the coming weeks as part of the game's ongoing 2nd anniversary celebrations, with the Mega Mewtwo X license to be released on July 21st, while the Mega Mewtwo Y license will be added to the game August 16th. Blaziken is also expected to be added to the game later this year.

Inteleon Commerative Event
A special event is currently running in game to celebrate Inteleon's debut, offering players a selection daily and weekly missions that can be completed for a variety of rewards, including Aeos tickets, Item Enhancers, 1-Day Aeos Coin and Battle Point Boost Cards, Energy Boost Tanks, and Extra-Energy Tanks. A set of log-in bonuses is also available, granting players rewards for up to 7 days of play. This event will continue until July 18th at 00:00 (UTC).

  • Daily Missions
    • Participate in 1 battle as Inteleon - Box Progress x50
    • Participate in a ranked match 1 time - Box Progress x50
    • Win 2 battles with different Pokémon - Box Progress x50
  • Weekly Missions (Missions reset July 10th at 00:00 (UTC))
    • Win 3 battles as Inteleon - Box Progress x200
    • Participate in a ranked match 6 times - Box Progress x200
    • Win 3 battles with a friend - Box Progress x200
Log-in Bonuses
  • Day 1: 3-Day Limited License: Inteleon, Aeos Tickets x20
  • Day 2: 1-Day Battle Point Boost Card, Aeos Tickets x20
  • Day 3: 1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card, Aeos Tickets x20
  • Day 4: 1-Day Limited License: Inteleon, Aeos Tickets x20
  • Day 5: 3-Day Battle Point Boost Card, Aeos Tickets x20
  • Day 6: 3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card, Aeos Tickets x20
  • Day 7: Extra-Energy Tank, Aeos Tickets x20
Pokémon UNITE - Update Notice
Pokémon UNITE updates to Version

Pokémon UNITE this week received an update to Version, which made some minor updates to shops and events ahead of the start of the 2nd anniversary celebrations, as well as fixing some unspecified bugs and text errors. This only specific change noted in the patch notes for this update was the addition of a new battle item, Shedinja Doll, which is currently available for purchase in-game for either 4,000 Aeos tickets or 400 Aeos Gems. The Shedinja Doll makes a player's Pokémon temporarily impervious to damage and immune to status conditions, at the cost of being unable to act while the effect is active.

Pokémon UNITE at the World Championships 2023
The 2023 Pokémon UNITE Championship Series will be concluding with a tournament at the Pokémon World Championships 2023, which will be held next month in Yokohama, Japan from August 11th to 13th. More information about this tournament including schedules, registration and format, can be found in the 2023 Pokémon UNITE Championship Series website.


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