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Iron Bundle... A robotic mistake?


A true PokéNerd!
Aug 1, 2023
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  1. He/Him
I think I found an Iron Bundle origin design!

I noticed something on a little thing on a Colosseum Pokemon thing. It has the Pokemon types with the Pokemon in their secondary type group and at the end a little team builder thing. Anyway, it's a real longshot, but it might be true. On this paper, Delibird is in the Ice group, but instead of it being in the Flying sub-group, it's in its own little Water sub-group, separate from the Spheal line. And what Pokemon is Ice-Water? Iron Bundle. This would also explain why Iron Bundle is an ancient future Pokemon, as this is rather ancient for now. One more thing. The colors on this aren't the usual Flying-type gray. No, it's a red. An Iron Bundle red. Very interesting, and, even though probably just a coincidence, it is very interesting. Feel free to discuss this here. Thanks for reading!
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