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Is Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl worth getting and playing, coming from Arceus?

Bolt Strike

Bringing the Thunder
Mar 20, 2013
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You gotta remember they said Faithful remakes of these two games. true to the facts or the original (second definition), while I do see where you're coming from I don't get why people are getting mad over it. You can still catch the Platinum mon, and giving the Gym Leaders rematch teams should be more than enough.

It's not enough though. For one, the original teams are the more memorable and significant battles, so adding them just to the rematch teams isn't much of a consolation.

Also, it's not just the Platinum Dex expansions people liked about Platinum. They liked the Battle Frontier, which offered a diverse range of facilities that offers different battle styles. They liked the storyline expansions, with new characters like Looker and Charon appearing and the Distortion World which offered a new area that was very puzzling and expansive. They liked the Villa which gave you your own house to decorate and had various characters show up. Those aspects would still be missing, so even that "compromise" still makes them inferior to Platinum.

Yes, Platinum is considered the better version of the two. But third versions dont get remakes since they're just enhanced versions of the two original games.

And remakes are just enhanced versions of the original as well. Why can't the remake enhancements include the third version enhancements? It doesn't make much sense for them to have two different enhanced versions of the game, especially when one is almost as old as the original and no longer on the market.

Because then they couldn't sell the same game twice because Platinum was just one version. Same for Emerald not being remade because that was just one version as well. Which is a terrible reason to not make the better version as the base for a remake, but money i guess.

It is a terrible reason because there's no reason why single version content can't show up in a dual version.

HGSS could get away with having Crystal elements because all of those elements were divorced from the main story.

There were numerous Emerald/Platinum additions cut that weren't related to the main story (the Battle Frontier, new areas in Emerald such as the Safari Zone expansion, Mirage Tower, Desert Underpass, and Altering Cave, Trainer Hill, the Villa). That's not a legit excuse for those things to be missing.

Platinum and Emerald have enough differences in their plots compared to the first two versions of their respective generations that it would require story changes to justify two remake versions.

People wanted to see those story changes because it made the story more fleshed out and sensible. This is especially true for Emerald, where both evil teams are a threat and divvy up story events that make more sense for them instead of the original RS where you team up with the opposite eco-terrorist also threatening the environment because reasons and they come up with half-baked reasons for them to show up in the same locations that make little sense (Why is the sea-themed evil team in a volcano? Why is the land-themed legendary living in the seafloor? Why does the land-themed evil team have a base on the water?).

And that takes more effort than they were willing to make (which was not a lot given how BDSP turned out).

This is part of the problem. Low effort is generally frowned upon because it makes the customer feel cheated and think they could've gotten more than you offered. Especially when you're paying the same or more than you were for something better, because then it's obvious you just want to cheap out for higher profits.


Guys I'm not insane just a little quirky.
Apr 7, 2021
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Personally, I enjoyed them. I never really liked the original Sinnoh games anyways.


Ghost maniac
Sep 1, 2010
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Honestly, no. I liked them because I didn't know any better, but Arceus is miles better than these. If Arceus had been released first I wouldn't even have bothered (and this is coming from someone who actually enjoyed both the originals and the remakes)


▽ Part-time Subway Master ▲
Apr 24, 2022
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I’ve also played both, and genuinely found Arceus to be more fun than BDSP, but the two games don’t really feel comparable even though they’re both in the realm of Pokemon. BDSP is definitely our traditional Pokemon formula, as others have said because it’s a faithful remake and all.

This isn’t a bad thing imo, as the games probably just feed nostalgia for older fans, while introducing new fans to an older game/formula they aren’t as familiar with since Pokemon is branching in some new directions these days. That being said, I only didn’t enjoy BDSP as much as I could personally because I’m pretty used to the way Pokemon games typically play out— as most of us here are, I’m sure. I still enjoyed it definitely to a degree solely because D/P were my starting games, so I have a soft spot for Sinnoh.

Of course you could always just go back and play the OGs right? But I think BDSP are a good middle road for that sort of thing— allowing people to experience D/P who never got the chance to and those who have but want to see a new and improved recreation.

If you don’t feel that sensation nor care about the dex completion, I’d say it’s A-OK to stick to PLA in my book.


getting sodas
Jun 3, 2018
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For some reason, I can't help but feel that Masuda might have disagreed with the general direction Pokémon Platinum went in even if Diamond and Pearl may have not been exactly how Masuda envisioned it either, at least in regards to Giratina's lore. Some of the data surrounding the different beta builds of DP (both dex entry wise and the infamous Beta Giratina design, though found in different builds); the dex entries about Giratina hanging around graveyards in the release builds; and the names of the locations like Sendoff Spring and Turnback Cave might suggest that the initial plans surrounding Giratina were originally different. In fact, I think someone speculated that the Pokédex roster might have been partially been due to time constraints and development problems with DP in the first place.
this is really interesting. do you know more about this or have a source where i can find more?


Starwalker Neo
Jun 9, 2014
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this is really interesting. do you know more about this or have a source where i can find more?
There’s some information about stuff like Giratina’s original form on The Cutting Room Floor. I’m not sure if they added the Dex entries to that site yet though (I got the Dex entry stuff from a different source through searching Google; I think it was on ResetEra?).