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Is it possible that the anime writers dislike Professor Magnolia?

Mahou Shojo Luceda!
Mar 23, 2012
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^ Yeah. The fact that Maggy does less than the last couple of profs doesn't help her case (though Sycamore and Kukui were more proactive than the usual professor as well).

Her not being the Show outside of a picture on a phone may not be good, but it's not SO bad since she had a small-ish role. They'll probably even have Sonia do her stuff and it'll work about as well.

I'm more annoyed by the lack of Galar focus (and a plot or story) in general, but hopefully that's about to change.
(I'll even bet even money they drop the world traveling aspect sooner or later. Especially since they haven't done much with it anyway)

Also, there is NO way they could've known about the backlash against SS when they started making Journeys. It probably didn't help, but they couldn't have known it would be so bad when started work on this series...
If anything it's them continuing the SoL format of SM while focusing on the franchise as a whole with the 25th Anniversary on the way.
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Now with Mega Evolution
Jun 28, 2013
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We’ve had over eight hundred Pokémon prior to gen 8. It stands to reason that at least one of them would have been disliked by the writers at some point, and yet all of them (barring Porygon line for obvious reasons) have had some kind of role in at least one episode of the anime.

The point is, whether or not the writers like a character really isn’t the driving force in what determines whether or not it will feature in the anime. There are a lot of factors at work here such as the character’s popularity among fans and the need to promote certain characters due to their current prominence in other areas of the franchise. Or maybe there is a future plot line involving them that we don’t yet know of.
Nov 8, 2009
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This is especially weird when you consider that Professor Magnolia is probably the most prominent of all the professors in their debut chapter of Pokemon Adventures.

I believe that she is the only professor to travel full time alongside the main characters. For the Sword & Shield Chapter, Sōdo Tsurugi and Shirudomiria Tate travel through the Galar Region with Professor Magnolia and Marvin (a character based on the youngster trainer class).

It's kind of funny. The generation where the games and anime decide to scale back the role of the region's professor, the manga decides to put that very professor in the front seat.