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Mafia It's All About ME Mafia - Endgame: Returned Prosperity (Town Win) 4/4/16

Did you actually read through the entire Endgame Flavor Text?

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Murphy, Edward
Nov 18, 2014
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Hello War Room!!! Welcome to the latest mafia game hosted by myself, the one and only Maniacal Engineer, and my friend, fellow moderator, and member of the Handsome Three, @Zexy. At this time, I would like to thank Zexy for helping balance check my setup and for being a good sounding board during my writing sessions.

This is an idea that only someone with a massive ego and a maniacal mind could have thought up...and actually expected people to sign up. To be honest, this idea predated my recent promotion to Moderator status, but I feel that it is now more appropriate than ever.

With my promotion, the Era of ME the Troll has officially come to an end, and the Age of ME the Moderator has begun. However, most of you are not familiar with ME outside of my Trollish tendencies, and so, I have come up with this little game as a bit of a way of introducing myself a little more to you guys, both as a newly minted War Room Moderator, and as the same goofball and punster you've all come to know.
As such, the theme of this game, as you can imagine, is ME, Maniacal Engineer, in the style of the ME Movies conceptualized by my friend, @IGN.
While you will all learn a little more about what makes ME tick, please note that I've used a little creative license and exaggeration for my own devious purposes, as well as for my own amusement and the amusement of others.

The flavor text in this game will be written entirely by ME, but it will be more in the genre of action/adventure than comedy.

Anyway, enough rambling already, it's time to get down to the basics.

1. All standard War Room Rules apply.
2. If you are inactive for 48 hours, you will be subbed out.
3. Please include Zexy and myself in all outside communication that may occur relating to this game, including, but not limited to: PMs, QTs, Skype conversations, and Discord.
4. Character claiming is prohibited, as is copy/pasting anything from your Role PM or conversation with the Hosts.
5. To prove that you have read these rules, post a piece of random trivia.
6. Role claiming is permissible. Again, though, you may not quote word for word from your Role PM.
7. Sharing official conversations, that is any conversation started by the hosts, is prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in modkilling.
8. Hosts will only answer questions about technicalities, not setup.
9. You must have at least four content filled posts per day phase.
10. Voting No Lynch is prohibited in this game, as is voting for either of the hosts.
11. Not having fun and/or not laughing at ME's jokes is an offense pun-ishable by modkill or substitution, but this will only be used in the most dire of circumstances.

1. Usually, Day phases will last 48 hours while Night phases will last 24 hours.
2. The exception to the above rule is when an update would take place on my Sabbath. If there is an obvious outcome to the phase before I need to logoff, I will write the update text before my Sabbath and Zexy will post said update text at the usual time. If the outcome is unclear or differs from my expected outcome, then the update will be 24 hours late.
3. Phase updates will occur at 11:00pm CDT, which is Central US Time.
4. Voting and actions lock immediately at 11:00pm, regardless of a timely update. Votes and actions at 11:00 will count, but votes and actions at 11:01 will not count. If a phase is going to be extended by 24 hours, I will try to mention it before my Sabbath, but if I cannot, then Zexy will make an in-thread announcement, in which case the phase continues as normal for the remaining 24 hours.

1. jackatlasred - survived to Endgame: Multivariable Equation: The Mason
2. AussieEevee - survived to Endgame: Mathematical Enigma: The Mason
3. Kakashi Hatake - survived to Endgame: Medical Examiner: The Doctor
4. Pikochu - killed N2: Mister E: The Secret Voter
5. IGN subbed out -> leetic - survived to Endgame: Massive Egotist: TFPTSLBOOIA
6. Sword Master - lynched D3: Malevolent Extraterrestrial: The Role Cop
7. Jolty Febe - lynched D2: Modfather Enzap: The Godfather/Roleblocker
8. Life - killed N1: Moose Enthusiast: The Jester
9. Elieson - survived to Endgame: Maniacal Engineer: The Miller
10. leetic - lynched D1: Mobocracy Eradicator: The Cop

1. -
2. TheCapsFan
3. Doctor Floptopus
4. Etrian Oddity

Night 0: Random Punster - 3/26/16
Day 1: Regeneration Paradox - 3/27/16
Night 1: Ritualistic Patterns - 3/29/16
Day 2: Rambunctious Prankster - 3/30/16
Night 2: Reporting Posts - 4/2/16
Day 3: Rigged Polls - 4/3/16
Endgame: Returned Prosperity - 4/4/16

Alright, that about wraps things up for the game information. We are scheduled to begin after one of the three currently ongoing mafia games completes, so even though signups may fill up, we cannot begin out of turn. I thank you all in advance for your patience.

Good luck and have fun!
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Minty Fresh
Oct 16, 2013
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Eh, I'm in but... I don't like rule 10..

Did you know that AussieEevee was giving his name by a F&G/TWR regular and not himself?

Jack signs up. Did you know that the deadliest animal is the box jellyfish Chironex fleckeri. only found in the shores of Australia. It's poison can kill a human from 2 to 5 minutes.

Venom, not poison :)
Apr 14, 2013
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I am in. And if ther isn't a BAG character, I will be most displeased. :D

As for triva, did you know that, for some reason I cannot recall, the average human starts life with more bones in their body then when they end it? Lazy trivia is lazy.
Minty Fresh
Oct 16, 2013
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Your post seems to be missing something @Life... I didn't learn anything by reading it ;)
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