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Notice It's that time again! The Anime & Manga Section is looking for Potential Moderators!

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UltraMysteryDungeon, when?
Jan 22, 2014
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Courtesy of our Webmaster Archaic,

Hi everyone,

As you may have already seen in our recent news post, Bulbagarden is actively looking for applicants for a range of volunteer staff positions:
It's been a good while now since the last time we actively sought to bring on new volunteers, so I imagine there's probably more than a few of you with questions about the application process, and what these roles would actually involve. I'll try to give as much information as I can here, but if you have any questions that this post doesn't answer, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread and we'll do our best to clear things up for you.

General Questions:
How can I apply?
Click the links above, or in the news post, and they'll take you straight to the application forms. If applying to multiple positions, you'll need to fill out each form separately.

Why aren't you accepting any applications for the social media or multimedia (Youtube, Twitch) teams?
At this point in time, we only recruit for these sorts of roles internally. If you're interested in contributing in these areas, we'd suggest considering working with our Bulbanews or Discord teams, as these would offer the most opportunities to work with our social media and multimedia teams.

When can I expect to hear back from you?
All successful applicants should hear back from us by the middle of February.

Role Responsibilities:
Bulbagarden Forums Moderators said:
The basic responsibilities of Bulbagarden Forums Moderators are to:
  • Be a friendly and welcoming presence on the forums
  • Be an active participant in conversations on the forums
  • Create, co-ordinate and facilitate events in your section, and assist with and/or participate in broader website events
  • View threads in your section and report problematic posts for staff discussion
  • Discuss and act on reports from your section through PMs, warnings, or other appropriate methods
  • Manage your section by performing tasks such as deleting posts, moving threads, and banning spambots
  • Participate in discussions about other sections, the forums as a whole, and off-forum projects with all other Bulbagarden staff members
Moderators of certain forums may also have additional responsibilities relating to the needs of that particular section, such as an expectation to keep up with Pokémon news relating to that aspect of the fandom. These specific responsibilities are outlined in the application form.

Bulbapedia Junior Administrators said:
The basic responsibilities of Junior Administrators on Bulbapedia & the Bulbagarden Archives are to:
  • Patrol the Recent Changes and address any content, conduct, policy, or style violations
  • Participate in staff discussions regarding content coverage and overall wiki direction
  • Serve as an active user resource by answering user questions and concerns
  • Assist with staff maintenence/backend tasks (ie. moving images on the Archives, updating protected pages).
People brought on board because of a specific skillset (e.g. wiki template editing, specialised knowledge of a certain segment of the Pokémon franchise) may have other responsibilities that they might be tasked to focus on.

Bulbanews Writers said:
The basic responsibilities of Bulbanews Writers are to:
  • Write news articles relating to your field(s) of interest
  • Actively follow Pokémon news and announcements relating to your field(s) of interest, to enable timely posting of the news
  • Keep up with current discussions in the broader fan community relating to your field(s) of interest, including rumours and events
While not a part of expected responsibilities, Bulbanews writers may also have the opportunity to:
  • Write reviews, opinion pieces, and other long-form content relevant to your field(s) of interest
  • Contribute news coverage and commentary for Bulbagarden's Social Media and Multimedia teams.

Bulbagarden Discord Moderators said:
The basic responsibilities of Bulbagarden Discord Moderators are to:
  • Be a friendly and welcoming presence on the Discord server
  • Be an active participant in conversations on the Discord server
  • Keep up with Pokémon-related news and rumours, as well as current trends in the broader Pokémon fandom
  • Maintain the environment of the Discord server, including but not limited to dealing with spam, and ensuring discussions remain on-topic
  • Participate in staff discussions about the health of the Bulbagarden Discord community
If you intend to focus on a specific channel or set of channels, you may have other additional responsibilities that you might be tasked with. These would be discussed with you prior to you coming on board.
While not a part of expected responsibilities, Bulbagarden Discord moderators may also have the opportunity to:
  • Assist with chat moderation for Bulbagarden's Twitch streamers
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