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I've reached a new level of being old. I have a crush on Captain Kamado.

I mean......you like who you like I guess. Kamado looks to be in his 50's to me. Personally, it's Irida for me in terms of in-game crush. Love how she becomes kinder to you as the game goes on, too, making her beautiful and kind by game's end. (How old do you think Adaman and Irida are, BTW? I'm guessing......early 20's.)
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Yeah, early 20's is what I was thinking. My main Pokemon crush is Guzma and always will be, but as I'm wrapping up PLA's story (I'm a slow gamer with a hectic schedule), I was like 'Man, that mustache looks pretty darn good!'
You’ll know you’re really old when Rowan’s lookin fine
That mustache does look pretty damn good. I have crush from this game too, but I am not going to say it out loud yet, although you peeps might be able to guess it.
i've seen people have crushes on worse characters ngl, have you SEEN tumblr's reaction to spamton deltarune.. atleast kamado isn't. that.
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