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GEN VI: Japanese pokemon for trade

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Oct 4, 2013
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Hey everyone, i have a few japanese pokemon ive picked up on the Wonder Trade, anyone interested in trading me for other japanese pokemon?

I have these jpn pokemon for trade:

Spoink (female)
Dodue (male
Plusle (female)
Pancham (female)
Machop (male)
Honedge (male)
Espurr (female)
Ralts x2 (male and female)
Chinchou (female)
Kakuna (female)
Dugtrio (female)
Pikachu (female)
Oddish (female)
Bunnelby (male)
Caterpie (male)

Also have:
Sentret ITA (female)
Bunnelby GER (male)

Looking for (any foreign):

Im interested in those, but im willing to trade for english versions as well or trading for other foreign pokemon

FC is 5000 2917 5159
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