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Japanese Pokemon UNITE Winter Tournament FINAL to stream this Saturday from 12:30pm JST

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The Pokémon Company, in collaboration with the eSports marketing company CyberZ, will be hosting "Pokémon UNITE Winter Tournament FINAL" on Saturday, March 5th. The conclusion to the Japan-only first official offline Pokémon UNITE Tournament, this tournament will be livestreamed on the official Japanese language Pokémon UNITE YouTube channel starting from 12:30pm JST. The tournament livestream will be hosted by Refu and Yu Mizukami (水上侑), with additional live reporting from Kousuke Hiraiwa (平岩康佑) and Shohei Shibata (柴田将平).

The initial rounds of the Pokémon UNITE Winter Tournament started back in November 2021. The earlier rounds are currently available to view for free on the official Japanese language Pokémon UNITE YouTube channel. The teams qualifying for this tournament are not the result of the similarly-named online Asian UNITE Winter tournament which took place in February. Qualifying teams made their way through an online tournament with a field of up to 512 teams to go to this tournament, which is held in the Kanto region of Japan.

Fans who follow the official Japanese UNITE Twitter account and write a hashtagged message in support of any of the competing teams between February 28th and March 5th will be entered for a chance to win a Match-worn uniform! Entries must include the #ポケモンユナイトチーム応援CP hashtag along with any of the team hashtags below. Winners will receive a DM on Twitter from the official account by March 7th. While not explicitly specified on the website, the promotion may be limited to Japanese residents only, so please keep that in mind as you enter the contest.

The competing teams and their members are as follows:

TeamTeam LogoTeam Members
Purin wa korogaru yo dokomademo
Overall winners of the 1st A/B Block
  • ヨクガ (yokuga)
  • omutero
  • CKamu
  • Nyack
  • MaaLion
  • バグリオ全一 (Bagurio Zenitsu)
Overall winners of the 2nd A Block
  • RokuberuGX (Rokuberu)
  • T2_Mame (Mame)
  • T2_Haruta (Haruta)
  • せるじお (Sergio)
  • T2_Supercell (Supercell)
Overall winners of the 2nd B Block
  • TON・GG (Ton)
  • あわいぬ (Awainu)
  • JPN_Iroas (Iroas)
  • ホタルノケン (Hotarunoken)
  • ザクレイ (Zackray)
Snovv rabbits
Runners-up of the 2nd B Block, best 4 from A Block
  • SR_kosota (コソタ)
  • SR_Pappa (パッパ)
  • SR_rusiero (ルシエロ)
  • でじを (Dejiwo)
  • SR_slashmoon(スラッシュムーン)
Jishou Absol Zenichikundan
2nd A/B Block's Best 4
  • あさあさ (Asaasa)
  • kenihi (ケニヒ)
  • つばさ15(Tsubasa)
  • 棒ゆTwich_YT(Bouyu)
  • 神速三段突き (Shinsokusandanjiki)
Star 9
Overall winners of the 3rd A Block
  • S9 | Aeris(エアリス)
  • S9 | Ruvis(ルビス)
  • S9 | Z4C(ザック)
  • S9 | Ice(アイス)
  • S9 | Yithou(イーソウ)
  • S9 I Solo(ソロ)
Aeos Fortis Reges
Overall winners of the 3rd B Block
  • AFR • Akeno(アケノ)
  • AFR • Kiwi(キーウィ)
  • AFR • Quixo(キュイソ)
  • AFR • Dan(ダン)
  • AFR • Shua(ショア)
  • AFR • Miva(ミヴァ)
Bakusoku Yutatage
3rd A Block runner-up, B Block Best 4
UNITE_Bakusoku Yutatage.png
  • 毛利元就(Mouri Motonari)
  • ajun(アジュン)
  • T2_Ruin(ルイン)
  • たきしま (Takishima)
  • ゆみーと (Yumiito)


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