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Jasmine Seasonal Scout now available in Pokémon Masters EX, featuring the Ultra Beast Celesteela

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Fans of Jasmine, the Steel-Clad Defense Girl of Johto's Olivine City Gym, are in for a treat as she returns to Pokémon Masters EX in a special costume as part of a 5★ Guzma Sync Pair together with the Ultra Beast Celesteela, as part of the continuing Poke War Games costume event running through to December 9.

Jasmine Seasonal Scout:
The Jasmine Seasonal Scount banners allow players to Scout Jasmine in a special outfit in conjunction with the Poké War Games event, pairing the Olivine City Gym Leader with Celesteela in a Steel and Grass-type Supoort Sync Pair. The pair has several attacks and passives which can raise team member's stats, and can also apply a constant regeneration to the team through X Regen All. This 5★ pair will be scouted with an expanded Sync Grid, and has the ability to be powered up into a 6★ EX. Powering up the pair in this way dyes Jasmine's kimono a darker colour.

Players will receive bonus items as presents when using the Sync Pair Scout x 11 in the Seasonal Scout, at a cost of 3000 gems (free or paid). Up to 3 bonus items can be received in this way.

In addition to the regular Seasonal Scout, the new sync pair is also available in a Tiered Scout which requires paid gems. Tiers 5 and 10 of this scout award special tickets to use in the Ticket Scout, with the ticket at Level 10 guarenteeing a Jasmine (Special Costume) & Celesteela.

The Seasonal Scout and Seasonal Tiered Scout will both run until December 9, 2021 at 9:59pm (PST). The associated Ticket Scout meanwhile runs through to December 16, 2021 at 9:59pm (PST). Tickets must be used prior to this scout ending.


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