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Review JN067: Suspect Pikachu!?


Jan 29, 2020
Reaction score
Never underestimate Meowth. He doesn't show it a lot, but he can be very destructive. His claws went through those cuffs like it was nothing, while he is starving. He came a long way, in the past he couldn't peel through the fruit of the Grapefruit Islands. Or those peels are thougher than the used handcuffs, or the handcuffs are like paper.

Goh's electric fossil Pokémon (the name escapes me) was cute at the end when it clapped for Pikachu.

And a little worldbuilding with the small police tasks is nice.

But poor TRio, why don't they ship this pest of to HQ when it is in its good mode? :p Are they afraid of HQ's reaction?


Be kind and change the world!
Jan 8, 2016
Reaction score
The episode wasnt amazing, but it was enjoyable.


Swampert's Ghost
Sep 9, 2016
Reaction score
Pikachu and Grookey playing with the handcuffs and then fighting over them is too hilarious (if slightly OoC for the former).

Also, that young boy staring at Ash and Goh wearing police uniforms like "WTF are you doing?" is hilarious.

Actually, the whole episode is hilarious. This is what a good filler should be.

I believe a reference to an institution called Yuanpei Technologies is made at one point, based on the subtitles I am watching, apparently its a real place so I doubt that is what it was supposed to be but I have no idea what Officer Jenny was really talking about at that moment.


Well-Known Member
Sep 13, 2017
Reaction score
An okay episode for the boys to uncovered the mystery to clear the name of pikachu. In which, blindly stupid detective didn't do his full analysis and got what he deserved and get electrocute by Pikachu at the end.

Also, poor team Rocket as their food supply running low thanks to the rampage Morpeko that it follow them back. Hope, they can stock up soon and get along. Otherwise, going to be hungry everyday without something to eat.

Overall rating: C+

Jewel the Quaxly

Duckies! :3
Mar 7, 2021
Reaction score
EEK~! Journeys is really getting up their game, huh~?! I LOVED this episode so much...

Some might have noticed already, but I'm an absolute sucker for world-building or making a world feel alive some way or another. In this case, there were plenty! Sure, it still had the issue of there not being much people, but it's definitely more than normal lately! The entire thing about alibis, making it feel like a proper investigation, the other people going to Jenny for help, the different mishaps Jenny has to deal with each day, Chloe's family just sitting there having a meal when Jenny comes to their house with Ash and Goh...ACK~!

The entire episode was just...funny. Right from the start we've got Detective Decker, the amusing arrest of Pikachu(and Pikachu just not giving a damn lolz), the even more amusing interrogation scene(Decker playing bad cop before deciding to play good cop-again, Pikachu does not care), Goh making the snide comment that Decker basically doesn't know what the hell he's doing, the couple on the Dodrio racing through town(I'd say that's pretty accurate to life:LOL:), the chaotic scene at the Sakuragi house, the arrest of Team Rocket, the blast-off of Team Rocket(and Decker having a normal reaction to that unlike...literally every character since the start of the franchise), and just...I loved all of it~!!! (Also, the visual gag of Yamper going nuts when the electricity is flying everywhere made me spit my drink:LOL:)

The episode felt really engaging, overall. We got to see some cameos of some of the pokemon(Raichu!!!), Detective Decker was a pretty interesting character, and Ash and Goh's excitement at becoming police officers was contagious.

As for the rest of the episode...well, it was kinda funny too. I mean, what did you expect? :p I loved how concerned and defensive Ash got over Pikachu throughout the episode, how little Pikachu cared-especially about the detective(even giving Decker a good Thunderbolt at the end of the episode for daring to suggest he leave Ash for him), Jenny saying that she personally knew Ash and Pikachu wouldn't do something like this-felt like a callback, really:p, Jenny lecturing the Dodrio Couple for doing something so stupid...*sighs wistfully*. Also, Pikachu just ditching the certificate towards the end for the food was just further attributing to his "I don't really know what's going on but Decker's weird" attitude throughout the episode and I actually found it amusing.

But, DAMN, I felt bad for Team Rocket. The poor guys couldn't even get a good blast-off(Pikachu, what are you doing?:LOL:) and are still stuck with...Morpeko. Heck, from the looks of it, they didn't even feel like going after Pikachu because they were so tired...like geez.:(

Also, Detective Decker, you do NOT try and threaten Pikachu like that! (And don't hold up your fists either!) *Humphs* Leave the poor thing alone! :mad::))

Overall, an amusing, silly, absolutely zany episode that felt stupid in a good way. Lots of world-building, making the world come to life, a lot of good small moments, hilarity, and Decker was a pretty enjoyable character to be honest. I give this episode a solid 8/10.


Huggable Electric Rodent
Dec 13, 2017
Reaction score
Watching Ash and Goh fantasize about police work felt so much like what children of their age tend to do that it kinda made me smile. And then they experienced the work in reality and understood that police work isn't always as exciting or easy as it may seem.


Well-Known Member
Nov 4, 2020
Reaction score
Do not know if this was better than 47, but this was every bit as zany as I thought it could be. The characters in general were rather fun (even baby Morpeko, though I can't say Morpeko isn't an issue this episode for the TRio) the police stuff was played up really well, first in parody with Detective Decker, and then a "day in the life" of Officer Jenny, showing us that indeed, Jenny can be rather helpful, even if we don't see it much. Very good, entertaining episode (welcome back, Arctozolt). Also, don't know why, but really like Jenny sticking up for Ash's Pikachu.

Queen Cynthia

Angelic Champion
May 21, 2008
Reaction score
I find it kind of difficult to review this episode. On the one hand, most parts of it were quite funny and enjoyable, while the solution to the "mystery", the climax of the episode so to speak, felt a bit underwhelming and contrived.

But first things first! Throughout the episode we got a lot of funny scenes , for example:
  • Pikachu and Grookey playing with the handcuffs
  • Pikachu only caring for the food while totally neglecting Detective Decker during that interogation
  • Grookey getting all excited and slobbering while watching Pikachu eat that obviously delicious food
  • The "electric party" at Sakuragi's house. Would have been awesome if they had played some techno music in the background
  • Decker the confused detective (Although his charcter was a bit too exaggerated at times)
Also, it was refreshing to see the writers came up with a totally new idea by focusing on the daily tasks of Officer Jenny (I can't remember an episode where this was in the center of attention, so it was a nice, new idea)

So far, the episode has been quite enjoyable: funny scenes plus a good concept to build suspense. However, what was supposed to be the "big" solution to the mystery turned out to be pretty ordinary and underwhelming in the end. Just Team Rocket stealing electricity for a Pokemon that was acting like a parasite. Oh well... How about just catching that Pokemon instead of letting it walk all over you? Or how about just giving it to headquarters? The idea of Team Rocket being unable to do anything about that Morpeko felt hardly believable and consequently, the reason for the electrcity theft was a bit contrived if you ask me. If the writers had introduced a serious villain that poses a real threat and has a good reason for stealing electricity, the episode would have had a very good climax.

I'd like to sum up the episode with "Nice, but..."
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