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Review JN096: Reach Out to Space! Denryu's Light!!

The emotional weight on this one felt very artificial. Like there's all this heavy dialogue and dramatic music but... I don't know, it just doesn't click. I think we see very little struggle during the rainstorm scene for Ampharos' light returning feeling deserved.

On top of it, Grookey getting lost is almost the only thing caused by the protagonists that advances the plot in any way. It almost makes me want this was a modern Pokémon Hoso/Chronicles episode of sorts, centered on Sophocles alone. I'm actually impressed they made an episode like this though, like they're using old companions as recurring characters instead of treating their returns as these super-special events. At least that's a positive takeaway from this.

The scenes showing the space probe and the Space Center workers try to stay somewhat close to real life, which in turn makes it look very off-putting that there's a malfunction caused by security negligence as a plot point. Like I'm having a hard time believing anything that happened was Ampharos' or Sophocles' fault in any way.
I think it was a callback to Raboot since that was the last time Sophocles had seen him
Seemed more like an excuse by the writers to send it out, it didn't really have a reason to stay out for the whole episode, though I'm glad it did.

Also, why was Cinderace sitting on the floor? I get that he's an animal but he's basically a person in a fursuit so it just looks really weird. When he was a Raboot they usually gave him his own chair, why is it that now that he's human-sized he's sitting on the floor like a hobo?
I can't believe they actually made an episode about Mamane's ridiculous goal of "lighting up space" by giving it a semi-plausible explanation about helping satellites.
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