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Review JN103: Satoshi and Citron! Great Friendship Training!!

Catching is really his whole thing, and this one was integrated with him meeting Bonnie.
That’s what makes him such a boring character to me honestly. Catching is so much of his character that he just feels flat most of the time and whenever they do try to add depth to him it ends up feeling forced because they spend so much time on catching obsession. I still stand by that they were in over their heads with Go since a goal of his type turns into quantity over quality.
They really just made Bunnelby evolve so we wouldn’t feel sorry for Diggersby’s ugly ass face when it got pummeled.

Anyway, this was a solid buildup episode to what turned out to be a very lackluster payoff, but I’m very happy to see Clemont and Bonnie back in their usual glory. They really brought this upwards.
So is there any particular reason they ignored Clemont's other Pokemon. Just because they weren't part of his XY team doesn't mean they shouldn't be here.
Yes we're all dying to see Clemont's Magnemite again.

What I am surprised about is how little screentime Chespin got. I thought for sure we'd see Grookey and Chespin have some sort of notable interaction or antics together
I guess they just wouldn’t get much out of seeing Ash again.
Erezaado deserved an appearance.

Despite not bringing it with him, Citron used it in their Gym Battle.
And it is Citron's Signature Pokemon in the games, and seemingly used to be before Rentorar took that position in the anime.

They could have tried to give it something in this episode.

I admit that there is a bias, since it is one of my favourite Electric-types.
OK, so why is Clemont allowed to have a Pokémon evolve off screen, but Dawn's character and Pokémon have had their progress frozen since the ends of Sinnoh?
Buneary can't wear her vest if she's evolved. Also, Buneary only can evolve by happiness. Buneary isn't happy because Pikachu didn't reciprocate her feelings. :cry:
When I watched this episode, I initially thought the animation was pretty lazy, but only because of what the following episode was about, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt (although the animation for that trainer’s Pokemon battling Clemont was actual PowerPoint Presentation). Bear in mind, I’m not one who really cares for animation, but this really spoke to me.

After seeing the following episode’s battle, I assume that the show is endeavouring in higher scale animation for other episodes? Like, Project Mew, Koharu’s Contest, the battle against Paul, and so forth, will be of higher value. Makes me worry that not only a few of these stories will be rushed, but the animation will be too (with the budget being cramped if the episodes are stacked together), leaving pretty sloppy messes. I can’t seem them making all of these arcs land.
The cast of XY according to Journeys:
That probably requires subs for words outside of something like this


Like this could be in Swahili and you could catch the heartwarming, though I don't necessarily expect it as Japan's not a really touchy-feely culture and they are the ones writing
This would've fitted SM more, I know it's gonna sound weird but in my opinion it's hard to express emotions this way with the Anime's artstyle, it's just too... stiff. Journey's is way less stiff than most other series, but it still is.
But yeah, regardless of artstyle, stuff like this usually doesn't happen in anime unless it's between lovers and then the girl makes dumb kawaii crying noises. And it's still not as expressive as most emotional scenes from western animation, like the Amphibia scene you posted, though it's probably a lot more justified considering the events of the show and the circumstances of this scene.

I think you're right, it's probably just a cultural thing.
Honestly I tire of how 90% of the discussions around here are about stuff we've gone over thousands of times. Of course Goh would catch a Pokémon, that's his thing and it's been established for like two years. Like if we could at least talk about how these things are portrayed in the episode at hand, rather than throwing empty arguments like "this character sucks so they don't deserve this!". There is validity on those sort of criticisms, but seems more like a series-wide discussion to me rather than something we should be repeating every single week.

For example I thought it was a missed opportunity that we didn't get to see the "match" between Goh and Froakie this time, because of how rarely Pokémon fight back against him. Instead we got Sirfetch'd charging up its new attack for around 3 or 4 minutes. I get it was an important plot point but they really dragged it out, and that time could've been used to show us Goh's match, or even extend the practice battle at the end so Clemont's Pokémon didn't get one-hit KO'd and Ash's victory felt a bit more earned.

On the other hand, I thought Clemont himself was given justice. He's my fave character so obviously I would've loved an episode focused on him, but his intended role here was to support Ash's training and that was well portrayed. His invention came in handy and it did feel like it was a problem only he could've handled, at least with such ease.

I was also impressed by the amount of XY background music they used, I think it was a lot more "retro" tracks than usual for this series. But seeing a battle in a Kalos Gym with Kalos music playing only reminds me of how plain and boring the animation is in Journeys, it felt like watching a low-budget version of XY067.

Seems like the next episode will take place in the Kalos League battlefield, so I can only imagine how bad that will look compared to XYZ if this episode is anything to go by. This one was a training battle though, so hopefully they step up their game for the real thing.
Time for thoughts

  • So seeing the actual episode it seems like Serena wasn't in the thought bubble because it was specifically about Clemont and Bonnie.
  • I think Ash knew he was facing an old lady named Drasna, but not that she was an E4. Makes sense for him.
  • Very much the goofy sort of Froakie Ash's was not.
  • What....what sort of human is Clemont fighting? How...how do you look like that?
  • I feel like it's been a bit since Ash saw a Diggersby, so it is warranted. He does know what it is, but a refresher never hurts. ....PEople will complain though.
  • I feel like Bonnie should be around to see Ash....eh probably explained at some point. I do like that Clemont is unfamiliar with Galarian Pokemon.
  • I guess Clemont's just fun to hold, kind of like a cat.
  • So...seeing as Sirknight clearly has an idea of what he is trying to do, any issue with agreeing that offscreen training happens? Especially for a mon who does work on his own, which I remind you does happen in other series at Oak's lab. And BTW, I did point out this fan concern on TV tropes's Broken Base page for Pokemon, so....I don't a hundred percent agree but I did record it for posterity.
  • Well if it is like fishing, it could be while Dracovish is biting.
  • Welcome to the companion hijinks Sirfetchd, could be worse.
  • Now Dragonite's holding Chespin. Kind of a cute background gag, Same with Bonnie hanging on Dracovish like a loris.
  • This sort of tech makes sense in verse. Yay!
  • More dignified than the butt thing at least. Alas what the writers thought was fat...
  • Yay! It Blew up!
  • I kind of remember how Focus Energy was, you probably could do Focus Energy to Meteor Assault in an alternate telling of Ash's Sirfetch'd.
  • Speaking of move evolution...I wonder if Double Slap became Hammer Arm
  • So it wasn't to avenge Wilkstrom....eh still very Ash.
  • I saw jokes about 'Ara Ara Granny' with Drasna and.....well I can't say they don't fit. I think, regardless of the dread portents of the animation, I will like her. But that's the other thread, where I shall go next
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