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Review JN104: Hyper Class! VS Dracaena of The Big Four!!

The animation in Marnie, Bea, Iris, Volkner's battle was also much better than here. I always said all those matches looked good animation wise and you can see the difference between how the Pokémon move compared to here.
Wow, what an amazing battle. The best Journeys had ever had! No, the best in the entire ano-oh, forget it. Can't muster the energy to half-ass an April Fool's joke.

Look, I'm not gonna lie. This battle was not good. Honestly kinda boring.

My main problem is Drasna's Pokemon dominating a majority of the match, but once they take a hit or two, they suddenly go down like tissue paper. Sometimes by moves that aren't even super effective.

Meanwhile Ash's team is suddenly ridiculously bulky. God Sirfetch'd, where was that bulk when you fought Bea last time?

Also, they're really trying their hardest to convince the audience there's this bond between Sirfetch'd and Dracovish, two Pokemon that have had little (if any; I legitimately can't remember any) interactions before the previous ep.
Also, they're really trying their hardest to convince the audience there's this bond between Sirfetch'd and Dracovish, two Pokemon that have had little (if any; I legitimately can't remember any) interactions before the previous ep.
I interpreted it more as this being a deepening of their relationship rather than the episode saying that the bond was ALWAYS there.
Move Aside Greninja, Sirfetch'd doesn't need a power-up to defeat a Mega, which means its joins Dragonite in being stronger than you.

Its also kinda funny observation.

Dracovish was the first of Ash's Pokemon defeating a regional champion one
Sirfetch'd is the first of Ash's Pokemon to defeat a E4 member Pokemon.

So both gen 8 mons Ash owns, have done something his other Journeys mons couldn't.
What I find strange is the animation during the Marnie and Bea battles actually looked great for the series standards, yet people were saying the animation looked worse when those were actually well animated. Just look at Sirfetch'd movements in the Bea fight in particular. This ep definitely needed to look like those.
I actually think it's kind of fitting Sirfetch'd is portrayed as weaker, he reminds me of a lot of Ash's older pokemon in that manner.
Honestly, I think Sirfetch'd should fight with more grace, to counter how much of a brute it was as a Farfetch'd. What happened to Detect and Focus Energy?
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Is it that hard to believe training happens offscreen?
It is hard to take the results of that 'training' as deserved/earned.

Journeys and its policy of 'Showing isn't needed. Just tell' is to blame for it.

But here the issue is less the Plot-Armor and more the horrendous drawing and animation.
I am getting used to see Sir Kamon being mistreated, so it hit less harder this time.
It's weird to me the Bea match looks so much more imposing and better animated than this now in retrospect. Gigantamax Machamp seems stronger than Drasna's pokes even though we know it likely isn't. Even Sirfetch'd was animated way better in that battle despite going down with no win
For this episode, it is considered to be one of the flop battle against the Elite Four that over in one hit. Which the segment could be much better if it not rush as Mega Evolution should be use as final trump card when as Ash Sirfetch'd defeat Mega Altaria in last battle.

Also, Bonnie asking Elite Four Drasna to become her brother wife. Just like old time in XY series.

Overall rating: B-
Damn april fools is cursed huh

Really feels like they would normally have Ash lose here, but realised they can't do that cause of the pacing. So they gave him a last minute win

Also disappointed Sirfetchd only used 2 moves
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I liked seeing Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie together, and Dracovish is so adorable. I love when it goes nom. The battle started out great with Sirfetch’d vs Noivern, but it went downhill from there. Ash using Dragon Rush on a fairy type was a Seismic Toss on Dusclops and Elesa gym battle moment. And Sirfetch’d somehow one shots Altaria with 2+ defense and you know how bulky that thing is. Dracovish defeating Noivern made sense because Noivern had taken hits from Sirfetch’d+Noivern’s defense sucks but it still feels BS. Also huge missed opportunity not to have Chespin and Grookey interact.
Time to overview

  • Many moons? Okay, either the subs I found were funky, which they don't seem to be in the starting part, or Wikstrom is a brony or a big fan of the Warriors series.....also a new wrinkle to the time madness that is Ash.
  • Yeah, I kind of like this Drasna, even if I do think that she would be fun to play up as purely a sweet granny. Though that might not work in this role.
  • So I know some people made some jokes about the Kalos E4 and stuff...but Clemont's Pokemon were training partners for Ash's Kalos Team. I feel like that should be remembered. Also power scaling is madness. Eh....
  • So also I know people were griping about the battlefield, but that could be a upper tournament regulation thing. Like the lower classes could fight anywhere, but the upper classes have to be standardized. It's my guess at least.
  • Also I have griped about the lack of hype for Ash here, but they had that last episode and....eh still a bit annoying but maybe the Galarians are more showman than Kalosians. Didn't Leon say that Ash needed to channel some Yuya, ideally without ZARC?
  • Drasna coming in to scope Ash out does also mean she has an idea of who he is using, if she did study him she probably knows he has that quirk.
  • That shield block, Brutal Swing swat move was cool.
  • Whoever did this episode likes these colorful background flashes when something happens for mood. Not sur how I feel about them.
  • You know how people say Clemont looked odd in the new art? I feel the same about Noivern to be honest. Powerful Boomburst BTW
  • Using the sound waves to cost Sirfetch'd the shield? Oh yikes, that does feel like an Ash tech. Did she take some things from his playbook?
  • akeno-akeno-himejima.gif
    Oh Arceus....you know didn't think she was Akeno's grandmother but....yeah, now that I've thought it you can't unthink it. And as I recall this one older Ash art that made him look a ton like Akeno's dad with the beard and stuff.....um....enjoy a Akeno GIF that is SFW I guess
  • Some moderate Pikachu versus Aegislash flashbacks
  • While I am unsure on the color bit, the screens for the mon introductions with the pure blue background bugs me.
  • ....Seriously, is it just because Ash isn't using Mega Lucario and Z-Moves that people think Drasna was a weak opponent? The animation could use some polish sure, but Drasna is hardly coming off as weak. She's just....well coming off as Akeno's granny, well not really because in DxD I don't think Barquiel has a mom and Akeno's maternal family killed her mother and.....my joke still works!
  • ...At this point I think Drasna's just uncannily good at learning about Ash. She probably knows his social security number, unlike him most likely.
  • Whoever thought of Cotton Guard for this battle needs a raise, also that arm-band snapping effect is cool.
  • The hand gestures, the Play Rough animation...please tell me I am not the only one thinking she needs a 'Memetic Molester' entry!? Also the Akeno jokes....the bloody Akeno jokes!
  • Yeah, Clemont could probably have told Ash about the type change up, and even reduced Ice Fang did leave a bit of a mark, though I can see how the landing wasn't quite up to snuff. Eh....my Akeno Granny freakout is at least worth it for now
  • Okay the color backgrounds.....are playing a bit too much.
  • Beware Drasna with opened eyelids....
  • So the mon bit is something that is Kalosy....eh with the recent two-parter it works I'd say. Sirfetch'd and Lucario could probably work better, but what can you do?
  • Hmmm...the ending was a show that was a bit too symbolic, honestly if they showed Noivern using Dragon Pulse just as Dracovish hit that would probably have worked better but...honestly not the worst thing. If anything the battle's hiccup was that it didn't quite show Drasna's team getting chipped as well as it needed to to make the endings work.
  • On the last note of Drasna the Akeno Granny. 1 "Oh, you beat me to a pulp after I pulverized you like meat. I'm reminded of my own youth...and the expectation for my children and grandchildren. They can only marry those who can survive it, ara ara, perhaps you'd like to meet one of my little granddaughters. You have a reputation young man (sing-song tone). 2 BONNIE DO YOU WANT CLEMONT TO END UP IN DRASNA's SECRET BASEMENT!?
Admittedly this episode is a bit of an improvement with subs even though Ash's Pokémon took way too much damage, at least now Ash's strategy makes sense. Also wet Altaria will never not be funny.

Still the weakest PWC battle, but not as bad as I thought when I watched this morning. I still says Ash vs Bea was much better despite some issues.
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