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Review JN106: A New Show! Rocket-dan's Covert Kingdom Radio!!


A Pokémon Enthusiast
Jun 26, 2015
Reaction score
It wasn't really a such thrilling episode, in my opinion. But the trio put their personalities in this show to the fullest, so it was nice to see Team Rocket getting some focus in a proper way in the end. They are going to continue with the show "occasionally" as it was said in the end of the episode. Makes one wonder if it leads to anything major later on for the future of the show itself?

The Cilan reference in the end caught me off guard. I wish we had at least a cameo appearance, though. He is one of the few companions to not have made a physical appearance just yet.


Prepare for over-used stock animation!
Jan 29, 2011
Reaction score
Even without subtitles this episode had such great energy! Clearly when the Rocket trio is actually shown the people involved have a lot of fun making the episodes. It will be an absolute bomb when it's dubbed though...

Also it's interesting that, according to Dogasu's tweets, clearly at least some of the production staff still enjoys having the Rocket trio around. It makes their appearance rate this series all the more confusing.

It's interesting that Takeshi is in his DP outfit, no doubt because it was what he wore in the Arceus specials and they already had the model sheet for him. But in-universe it is cool to think that characters like him cycle through different outfits (since he was wearing his OS outfit in that SM 2-parter) instead of just burning their old clothes.


Though I'm also a Blaziken fan
Aug 30, 2021
Reaction score
While this episode most certainly is not for me, between it and the Cassidy and Butch return episode positing life beyond TR, it’s a shame the writers won’t let them leave TR. Not because of them being stale or anything but because it shows just how happy and successful that they can be. If anything, it’s TR that’s holding TRio back.
I certainly didn't have any interest in this episode, especially after the absolutely amazing episodes we just got before this one. I'm no fan of the TRio overall and definitely not this series, so it's hardly surprising I would feel this way about this episode. That said, I will say one thing about this episode: look at what the TRio can actually do when they're not goofing up as criminals! I agree with you, they're being held back by TR and their boss, just look at this episode as an example. They're finally doing well at something, and Giovanni scolds them for it. More and more, I'm starting to suspect that Jessie, James, and Meowth's time as members of Team Rocket is coming to an end. 'Bout time, too, so they can finally move on with their lives! (Of course, this may very well not happen, but just as Ash's journey is seekingly coming to an end, it seems that the TRio's is too as part of Team Rocket. At least, that's the feeling that I get.)
I actually discovered ASMR I think when I was a kid hearing people speak softly; I had literally no idea what it was until years later.
Brock is still travelling it seems, looking for his perfect woman (Just settle down in Alola with Oliva man).
Or how about Pike Queen Lucy?


Well-Known Member
Nov 8, 2009
Reaction score
Hey look! Official confirmation that Cilan was indeed listening to the radio show!

You know, I didn't take Cilan to be an AirPods guy.

Also, I wonder if we ever get to see Max or May, will they only be appearing in these Twitter comics... As a side note, are archives of these comics kept on Bulbapedia or Serebii?


Apr 17, 2022
Reaction score
This is what we expected. Well something more cause nobody expected Brock or Cilan.

Team Rocket VA's are amazing , this is a love letter to TRio.

Let's see if in SV anime (If there is one I hope that yes) they have a new chance to demonstrate how amazing they are, cause Journeys have not been fair to them.


Megalomaniacal toaster on a keyboard
Jun 26, 2012
Reaction score
Isn't she like 30?
Brock's 15, she's at least 25, since she's angsting that she's getting too old for marriage, which tends to kick in around that age in Japanese culture (since cakes start going on sale post-christmas, so anyone past 25 is past their prime)

ii kanji

Eternally misleading
Aug 14, 2008
Reaction score
This episode was like a warm hug :bulbaLove:

Also, I bet Megumi was the model for this: