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Review JN107: Help, Big Brother Wanpachi!

Really goes to show how Sakuragi Park fails where Oak’s Ranch succeed. Oak has acres upon acres of land full of natural habitat to the point that even wild Pokémon live there. Sakuragi Park, on the other hand, is a limited space due to being an artificial habitat that’s enclosed in a building. It might have worked at first, but the more Pokémon there are, the more there’s gonna be conflicts of basic things like space and food.
Oh my. Another fundamental flaw with Goh's goal?

Who could've possibly thought?
Oh my. Another fundamental flaw with Goh's goal?

Who could've possibly thought?
This honestly could of been a way to develop goh goal. But it's just gonna be something used as a one off plot point and never brought up again
The episode wasn't so bad after it picked up a decent pace. I'm all in for world-building episodes, especially if it helps us see more of Goh's Pokémon instead of treating them as entirely disposable. Still, it's times like these when I sorta wished they'd chosen Pallet Town and Oak's Corral as Ash and Goh's base of operations instead.
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