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Preview JN114: Training Battle of Flames! Satoshi VS Shinji!!

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Press T if they would cram Goh to bother/pester Ash to trade each other and back their Boldore for Gigalith by the end of the episode, otherwise press F to me if they won’t!
Where is Buizel, anywhere? I can't make him out.
Well with this reveal it has something over previous Oak returns episode: the first full crew episode in ages. Like if we count the big still image, since the end of Black and White.

Honestly if they have any ear on the fanbase, and if the Japanese fans are anything like us, that was probably a easy 'win' condition.
Oh no! Gible’s tasted human flesh! Run!

He's eaten Goh's flesh. I know every well that several fans would want that to end a certain way....

Quite happy that none of them evolved off-screen. It would feel bittersweet if any of them did, especially when we’ve spent so much time with some of them.

They don't really do that with Oak's lab. If anything they might evolve if Ash uses them a la Krabby and Cyndaquil, and arguably Phanpy (arguably because Phanpy was with Ash for a while before evolving)
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