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Review JN118: Satoshi Goes into Battle! VS Daigo!!

So Cilan didn't appear when Iris battled Cynthia, and neither May nor Max appeared (but both Drew and Harley did) when Ash battled Steven. This could mean one thing...
Honestly, with Iris and the others gone these episodes are just gonna be so boring. Seriously, Iris was probably my favorite part of the whole Masters 8 so far (heck, she's one of the main reasons why that disastrous Leon vs Alain episode was not the absolute worst thing I've ever seen). It doesn't help that Goh and Hop certainly won't have moments comparable to hers. Oh, and don't even get me started on Alain. Seriously, what was the point of bringing Alain back? And what even was the point of having him stay even after his loss? He literally did nothing noteworthy, so why keep him around for the rest of the 1st round then send him off so unceremoniously? (Also, Cynthia is probably gonna be bored as heck during the Diantha vs Leon match, I know I would)
Have to say. The highlight of this match was Dracovish used as a jobber without even knowing for aure his attacks were even dmging .. very very veryyy disapointed.

The MVP for me was cardily, it was doing realy good, and the fact he managed to win Gengar in the end showed its a true powerhouse for Steven. It wasnt doing anything random, against a ghost with a good pace, it had some realy good moves to deal with it. Though, I guess Gengar worth the tie, and as Gmax the win - he did great overall in that round. But still Cardily was good we can take out of this battle.

Im ok with the ending of the episode - not with Ash spaming Iron tale there.. lame.

It is ok if Mega Metagross fell against "unkown" Z move and extra powerfull one. It mKes me wonder about:
1. Is it kind of signature move worth the 1st rank? Now that we know there is no dodging it if you are not ground type (Garchomp.. ehem).
2. Mega Metagross didnt lose to this attack, there was needed another Iron tale from above.. I wonder WHY? is it the clash of attacks? Is it the time it took to hit him/his dodge? or is it just strong enough to stand against it in general - So in a rematch we can assume Pikachu will 100% lose 1 vs 1?
(Also, Cynthia is probably gonna be bored as heck during the Diantha vs Leon match, I know I would)
Rest assured that Cynthia will watch that battle very closely because as she stated in her match against Iris, she considers herself "just a trainer" in the Masters Tournament and so I'm sure she's eager to see how her champion friends are doing.
But as for all the other champions and Alain leaving, yes, that's something I still don't get. When it comes to Lance, I think he was just way too disappointed that he wouldn't want to stay there any longer. But Steven, Alain and Iris all seemed to be very interested in the first round matches. For a tournament that important they just have to stick around! I don't get it...

Anyways, now that the first round is over, I'm the more conviced the Masters Tournament should definitely have been a separate arc. I mean it's supposed to be the culmination of 25 years of Pokemon and every battle between those strongest trainers in the world should be celebrated and thus be a two parter at least! I'm not just talking about the battles but imagine all the interactions between the champions where we could learn so much about their lives! Plus, there would be more time to acknowledge all the important people Ash has met instead of just showing them sitting in front of a TV for 3 seconds.
I already said it before and I'll repeat it again, the Masters Tournament should have been a separate series. But now we can only hope they'll spend more time for the semifinals.
I...think Steven is asking to see Ash's Z-Crystal?
It seems like it; through the power of Capture2Text and DeepL I got this:
"I wish you all the best, Satoshi.
The Z Crystal Let me see it.
Can I have a look at it?
Can I see it?"
It seems like it; through the power of Capture2Text and DeepL I got this:
"I wish you all the best, Satoshi.
The Z Crystal Let me see it.
Can I have a look at it?
Can I see it?"
That first line's not anywhere in it, I think.
I think it was a very good battle. I dont really think that Dracovish going down is a problem here. It took a neutral damage from a champion´s ace , and a not very effective damage from a pokemon that is with Steven and was alread a powerhouse since the beggining of AG. Dracovish isnt Ash´s ace. Steven using a aggron against a water type and Ash using dragon rush against aggron, as well as Aggron going down to two not very effective moves + burn are my main critics in this episode. They could make ash use fishious rend , and Aggron use dragon tail, and this problem woul be fixed. This would give a reason to Steven use Aggron against a water type ( a super effective move against it), make dracovish fall to a super effective move and justify Aggrons later defeat. It was defeat to burn, so we could say that burn do more damage in the anime. In both AG and Battle Frontier Will-o - Wisp was treated as an offensive move that tied with Ash´s charizard´s flametrhower and did lots of damage to him. Here, the pokemon seens to take some damage when the will o wisp hits as well, not only the status effect.

All the later battles were awesome. I really liked the way Steven used cradily´s vines here, and ingrain. Cradily is a defensive pokemon , it used ingrain , im glad it didnt tie. Pikachu is ash´s ace, and its finally treated like an ace . People were "wow, it might change the game!". The strategy to use eletric web to hold Cradily´s vines was nice. Cradily went down to iron tail and had taken some damage alread. Makes sense.

Steven used metagross in its base form against dracovish, but mega evolved from start against pikachu. That means that he acknowledge pikachu´s strenght. Pikachu took two moves from mega metagross, one of them was not very effective, but it did lots of damage. Pikachu looked like he was all burned. But 10,000,000 volts thunderbolt is too OP. Metagross did everything to dodge it , Steven did what was logic and made Metagross go to Pikachus back and try to hit him from behind , but Pikachu blocked its attack with his Z move , overpowered it and hit it. Metagross managed to resist , but was very weakened and fell to a single Iron Tail. Pikachu´s Z move is not only powerfull, its very difficult to dodge or block, because it covers an wide area and pikachu keeps firing it for a long time. Yes, pikachu can redirect its Z move, just like he can redirect his normal thunderbolts.

We can say that Alola was the most meaningfull saga to Ash. Now he is the only trainer in the world that can use this uber powerful Z move.
I really, really wish Gengar had more Fire moves that are both ranged and can burn. It annoys me how Will-o-Wisp looks like hurts the opponent before the burn sets in.
Not a big fan of this Series, but I think this is one of the better episodes to come from it.

Satoshi is finally getting more attention than Goh, and it's refreshing, the first half of this Series really dragged on but since the Masters Eight Tourney it's finally picking up.
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I may be a big Gengar fan but that doesn't mean I'll overlook the atrocious Gengar vs Aggron round. Even with a burn, Aggron went down way too easily. If they've already resorted to pulling out such flagrant bs for the sake of Ash's win then it's obvious that his battle against Cynthia is set to be a borderline insulting mess.
I are positiv about the fight and the Ash-Strat but the Will-O-Wisp clock was much to easy and a little boring. Steve's Cradily was very well not-game based with Vine... something but was also tanky and hard to predict it was the best counter against Gengar and Pikachu.
Why didn't gengar just go intangible and slip out of Power Whip

How is there ever a contest when you can literally phase through everything
Again, if we even knew for sure Dracovish made some dmg to Aggron.. hard to say what he managed to do any..

The burn, from what we saw, did for Aggron a big mess both in attack and def, maybe reduced all stats cause he wasnt a big power house anymore... Maybe if the animation could tell us it was a critical-not-that-effective-hit from Gengar it would be better..

Maybe it just saves time by suggesting anime Will-o-Whisp is that strong and the burnning gets critical in dmg or stats. They needed that time here obviously. For a Chloe's clip in the next week...
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