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Preview JN119: Koharu and Eievui - The Miracle of Evolution

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So it's not a real ep then and saves the animators time, so no reason to complain they could have just done another break here
I don't dislike Chloe as much as others do, and I think it's nice that we're getting a conclusion for her (barely focused) character arc. However, there is NO REASON to put this episode in the middle of the Master's Tournament, LET ALONE A FUCKING TWO-PARTER. This would have been better either after or before the Masters 8, not in the middle of it. Plus, Chloe has gotten the least amount of focus in this entire series, this is likely going to be extremely rushed. Whatever, let's hope they can give Chloe a good send-off.

As for my predictions of the episode, I think it would be cool for Eevee to evolve into a Flarieon, however, if I'm being honest I'm expecting Evee to not evolve at all. They're probably going to go with something like "Oh Eevee doesen't want to evolve because it's happy the way it is", kinda like how Pikachu doesen't want to evolve because It's fine with being a Pikachu. Though, maybe that wouldn't be the best idea since that would probably come across as a massive slap in the face since the series has been playing up for over a hundred episodes now of what Eevee is going to evolve into. But it honestly seems like the most likely choice to me anyway. Let's just hope this two-parter will be at the very least decent.
Personally, I don't really see the problem in having Chole's storyline resolve in the middle of the Master Class tournament. It kind of makes more sense to do this during the tournament as opposed to waiting until after Ash vs. Leon, if only because I don't think that Chloe has enough importance to get a wrap up after the PWC unfortunately. Plus, it gives the animators and the audience a breather from all of the battles. It might have been a bit much to expect all of the Master Class battles would happen without any kind of break.

As for what I think is going to happen, Eevee getting a new evolution to tie in with Scarlet/Violet would be the most ideal, but the chances of that are probably slim at best, especially when I don't think we'll even get a news update on the games for this month at this rate. Eevee choosing not to evolve wouldn't be a huge stretch, but that would be a pretty anticlimactic way to wrap up her storyline. I would not be surprised if that happens, but I hope that it will at least give Chloe something interesting to work towards alongside Eevee.
So from how I see in the epiaode list in bulbapedia, is it untill 26.8.22 we get a break with only 1 real episode about Chloee ? :lapras:

According to the official anipoke Twitter, this clipshow episode is indeed considered to be JN119. Perhaps yet another thread title change is in order? :ROFLMAO:

If this is considered to be an actual episode, I hope that it actually has some kind of new footage along with the clips to be able to call itself one. For all this, they might as well have made it an hour special.
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