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Review JN133: Project Mew

Full VA list courtesy of Adamant

Daiki Yamashita: Go
Megumi Hayashibara: Musashi
Shinichiro Miki: Kojiro
Inuko Inuyama: Nyarth
Yuji Ueda: Sonansu
Hana Takeda: Sarunori
Risa Shimizu: Marilli
Sayaka Senbongi: Manene
Tatsuki Kobe: Airmd
Yuko Kobayashi: Shigeru
Yoichi Nishijima: Hodaka
Hiroshi Kamiya: Tsurugi
Ryoko Shiraishi: Asahi
Ayahi Takagaki: Tokio
Marina Aicholtz: Go's Smartphone Rotom
Kenyu Horiuchi: Narration
CALLED IT! Horace did indeed catch a Virizion during his last Trial Mission and whip it out here!
Still not a fan of how much Journeys has basically cheapened legendaries. We went from elite and powerful trainers like Brandon and Tobias having legendaries to literally who’s like Horace having them. Sure we’ve seen that Horace is proficient in battle but nothing really compared to the trainers we’ve seen with legendaries in the past (and before anyone brings up the Heatran from the Sinnoh League, that was an error from the staff).
How'd you call it?
Horace's last Trial Mission was based on the Crown Tundra side quest that involves tracking down the Swords of Justice based on their footprints. And with him liking Grass types, it was easy to guess which of them he'd get, if he was to get any.
Horace's last Trial Mission was based on the Crown Tundra side quest that involves tracking down the Swords of Justice based on their footprints. And with him liking Grass types, it was easy to guess which of them he'd get, if he was to get any.
Ah...makes sense.
I think it's interesting that Go and Horace both have the legendaries that might be featured in the DLC. Although I hope Go won't be a main character it could make for a good return episode. If that was actually the point of him catching Suicune all along then I might actually forgive that weird writing decision.
After the incredible episode last week filled with excitement, this episode felt like such a drag to get through. I could hardly bring myself to care. Its interesting that Horace caught a Virizion, but the fact that they're just letting anyone catch these now kinda cheapens the once powerful, mysterious creatures. Grookey was just as useless as ever also. They really shouldn't have followed up Ash's victory over Leon with Project Mew.
I heard Goh and Amaranth mention Mewtwo in one scene. Watching the subbed version, turns out Goh mentioned his encounter with Mewtwo from earlier in Journeys, and they're using its Psychic energy signature to help locate Mew, since the two are very similar.

Another bit I only understood with subtitles: when the team discusses what they're going to do with Mew once they find it. Horace speculates that like Trainers choose Pokémon to catch, maybe some Pokémon choose they want to catch them. This causes Goh to wonder if Mew appeared before him because it wants to be caught by him.
Decided to wait until subs were available for this episode.

Obviously after the last episode's epic-fest this one would feel quieter, and it certainly did but I enjoyed the group exploring Faraway Island and I thought art on the locations looked great. Also, kudos to the writers for picking an island that actually existed in the games, and bonus points for choosing one from an obscure event that existed in a single game that was barely distributed, as opposed to just making up an random location.

Lots of Pokemon to see in this episode with Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Isshu, Kalos and Alola all being represented... but no Galar?! We're three episodes away from the end of this series (and maybe even the show as a whole) and there's still about ten Generation VIII Pokemon that haven't made any kind of animated appearances. Speaking of Pokemon, while I praised the location art the same couldn't be said for the Pokemon on the island some of whole looked horribly off-model...



I appreciate the anime is running on a skeleton staff right now who were all probably exhausted after the last episode... but come on, These are horrendous. These genuinely look as bad as they did in the Kasumi's mermaid show episode way back in the original series (you know, the one so bad the animation director never worked on the show again), and it looks like it won't be any better next week.

Dr. Hodaka now has a Mew hair... it should be pretty clear by now that the whole point of this operation is so that Hodaka can clone himself a Mewtwo, the diabolical genius!

I did really like the scene where Go realised just how much he depends on his Pokemon and that he really shouldn't because now he's struggling without them. I also liked Sarunori starting to appreciate just how useless its been and wanting to actually start doing something... of course, that still doesn't justify an evolution if it's coming but at least it's been signposted. Kinda.

Oh, that's right... there was a grass cat after the episode. Ok, that's cool I guess. At least it distracted everyone from Virizion's bloated stomach.
Okay start so far, I personally don't dislike Goh as much as a lot of people on this site seem to, so I don't mind getting a two-parter centered on him after Ash vs Leon. As for the episode its ehhhhh. It is obviously a part 1 and I am expecting part 2 to be better based on the ending but honestly, this episode felt kinda boring. I will give it some leeway though since again, it's the first out of two parts and part 2 does like a lot more interesting based on the ending of this part and the preview for it so I'll give it a pass, it is just meant to be build up to part 2 after all.


6/10, let's hope this two-parter gets better in the next episode.

EDIT: Ehhhh I think I'm gonna lower this to a 5/10, mainly because the episode was very boring. It doesen't really feel like anything interesting really happened in it, it is a part 1 but a part 1 should still be interesting soo ya. Gonna have to lower this to a 5/10.
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What a prologue build up episode of this and to surprised that Horace have Virizion. Wondering if that is a hint about Gen 5 remake in the making? If so, then Iris coming back also not far away. Anyway, the group getting there is always the most hardest and the most understandable especially fulfilling it mission to find Mew.

Overall rating: A
Yes, Grookey. Feel bad about your uselessness.
Give Grookey the slow clap as the second to last horse crosses the finish line. God knows Go will never come to this conclusion considering he basically exists to be its enabler rather than its trainer.
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