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Preview JN143: Riding on Laplace♪

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If a punishment doesn't deter the punished from performing the offending action again, can it really be called one.
So most prisons aren't punishments because of the high rate of reoffenders? ^^"
THE KING HAS RETURNED. Blessings to all the Japanese that bought His merchandise. I hope He has an important role.

Wailmer's trap seems more believable than the other times it happened.
I found this full version of the preview on Twitter, wonder what's up with that Wailord, and is that Ash's Lapras using Ice Beam?

(I have to agree with the person who posted this btw, it's so nice to hear BW music in the preview. :) Not to mention in this full preview they use one of my absolute favorite tracks from the XY series at the end, the Hall of Fame music. :giggle:)

Odd that Lapras itself seems kinda shoved in the plot last minute, but hey at least Kingler managed to crawl out of the shadow realm after 20 something years.
I wonder why Lapras isn't with its herd. Last time we saw it, it became the leader of the herd. Maybe the herd is nearby and Lapras went to find help, or it saw Ash and wanted to reunite, but it is strange.
I realized this sometime after the preview dropped, but I think this is one of the only times Ash doesn't have a Flying type on hand! I mean, he's using Sirfetch'd , who's a bird, but not a Flying type obviously. ( I mean, I think it can fly if it ditches the leek and the shield, buuuut.....) Oh well, at least Heracross is able to fly.
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Heracross, Kingler and Sirfetc'd in the same six is awsome
Heracross, Kingler and Sirfetc'd in the same six is awsome
First 2 grass types, then 2 fire types and now 2 fighting types. Even in the post-game, Ash still runs on redundancy:p
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