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Preview JNS06: Winds of Beginning! The Endless Road!!

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Really looking forward to this episode, it is great to see Ash's older Pokemon appear, just wish they'd gotten more screen time during Journies
I'm kinda confused. Are these the pokémon he's currently traveling with?
Sirfetch'd vs Sceptile is a thing? Could be the best battle to set the 6th place in Ash's strongest 6.
Maybe Ash visits Oak's Lab and meets them. However It seems they're Ash's team for the episode and they're looking for something.
Pikachu, Sceptile, Buizel, Donphan, Noivern...
Who is 6th?

Even more new images from the episode! It's lookin' great! :giggle: I gotta say, I'm loving this miniseries already, and it hasn't even started yet. Now I realllly want Ash to catch Latias, it looks like he's like going through so much to save her! (And hey, looks like Latias is doing that same invisibility trick she and her brother did in the 5th movie :D!)

Side note: Anyone else think Donphan and Mimey look worse now?
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(And hey, looks like Latias is doing that same invisibility trick she and her brother did in the 5th movie :D!)
Poor Team Rocket. They're like, "Oh, well. Time to blast off again." And then they're hit mid-flight too. Poor guys just can't catch a break. Such is the life of comic relief.
So looking forward to this tomorrow, could do without Mimey appearing though, nice to see Ash using his older Pokemon
Last year, several event Pokémon based on movie Pokémon were distributed in Japan, including Latias. A Twitter user pointed out the last move in her moveset.

Like I’ve been saying, it was always Latias that kissed Ash, not Bianca
Is there prove to that? Also, we don't know if this Latias is the same one from "Pokémon Heroes". Yes, Ash is all concerned about Latias and how unwell it is, but that is the case for ANY time he finds an injured Pokémon.
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