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June 2013 CoroCoro leaks: Four new Pokémon unveiled

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Nov 13, 2005
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June 2013 CoroCoro leaks: Four new Pokémon unveiled

The June 2013 issue of CoroCoro Comics has leaked, and revealed four new Pokémon. Several other new features, such as riding Pokémon, are also featured in the article.

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I am so excited right now, you don't even know. o_O

Everything about this. EVERYTHING. o_O YES, PERFECT.
I flipped when I saw there were new Pokemon leaked.

I'm a big fan of the Grass one. I'm also wondering, does anybody know what's sticking out of the Panda Pokemon's mouth?
I'm a big fan of the Grass one. I'm also wondering, does anybody know what's sticking out of the Panda Pokemon's mouth?

Probably just a leaf. Some people thought it was Grass type instead of Fighting because of it.
Finally, they revealed a bunch of info, instead of just one Pokemon and nothing more. I can't wait to learn more!
And finally there's a least a little character customization.
It nice that we finally get something that isn't just one thing like a pokemon or info on the game.
Oh god, I was not really expecting a leak this soon. I guess 19th's Pokemon Smash will cover most of this, but any any rate...

I am so glad to see a proper goat Pokemon now. I was hopeful, but doubtful that there would ever be one. I'm glad to see otherwise. The other Pokemon unveiled are kind of meh to me, especially the bird, though the panda is kind of cute.
Ooh, that little bird Pokemon is so cute! I also like the panda and the goat. Not fond of whatever the hell that yellow thing is though. :/

Also, the female trainer looks remarkably like me. o.o
And some were a Spinda is crying....

I wish the trainer options were not so shallow.
I was not ready...

Love the character customization. It may be limited, but at least it's a small change! Love the lizard, it's cute.
I like the how the characters look like, but I can't help but feel some Déjà vu about the male character. By the way, has anyone noticed what they're wearing as a bracelet? Must the new exclusive device for this generation.

As for custom character creation, what we have seen to far seen may just be the tip of the mountain. Let's wait and see what more news we will get about that in the coming months.
Gogoat and Yamchan look okay. The lizard looks hideous and really similar to Mawile and the bird (if it is the early route bird) is the lamest of all the birds we've had so far. I'm happy there is at least some character customization so I can finally play as a darker-skinned character. The new Pokedex design seems a bit strange now, but I'm sure we'll get more info on it later.
Well, the Electric/Normal has hilarious typing and looks. If its evo is good, and Parabola Charge is really something, I may change opinion.
The Panda looks okay, though I think it will be the bulky guy, which may make me not use it in the end. Stat reducing isn't the best either.
Gogoat isn't a great Pokemon, but I guess it will be Deerling 2.0 in that's a gimmick used to showcase a new mechanic. However, the mechanic is just great! I dreamt of Pokemon mounts ever since my WoW days were over and I got back into here!
The bird isn't something really special, though Flame Charge sounds weird... I guess Pidgey v 6.0 here.

Finally, there comes the region. The name (Karosu) is okay, and it looks like France. I'm just wondering what do these walls mean...
Wow, this looks pretty cool! I like the idea of character customization, even if there is only a little bit you can do. I really like the bird Pokémon, it looks cute! Panda one is meh for me. It looks a lot like Timburr, especially the eyes.
The normal/electric lizard-thing caught my attention because if its description. It says it generates electricity using sunlight, which suggests it will have a sunny day-related ability. Pairing an electric type with a powered-up fire type would help a lot in double or triple battles :D But, the sunlight thing may just be refering to a move... D:
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