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June 24th Pokemon Presents Discussion

What do you think the new project will be?

  • Sinnoh Remakes

    Votes: 11 21.2%
  • Let's Go Johto

    Votes: 12 23.1%
  • Something else

    Votes: 29 55.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Looking for a way to be whole again.
Apr 30, 2018
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Making new IPs is actually very beneficial. Nintendo's Splatoon became very popular despite debuting on a system that majorly flopped in terms of sales, which is why they made Splatoon 2. ARMS and Ninjala could be the next new IPs that can inspire others to create new IPs due to the success.
how we so, chasing gold
Oct 9, 2011
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Just a small note, I think we have far too many threads, to be honest. All those subjects are related, we aren't talking about the anime, for example. There's nothing to speculate on anymore, regarding the 24th.

All of this controversy has to do with Sword/Shield, as well.
upon doing a bit of reflection, you're right. this thread has more or less served its purpose. therefore anyone who's reading this, i encourage the following:
i think that just about covers all the conversation that occurred in this thread. :> if anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via PM.
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