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Contest Kingler vs. Crawdaunt

Ranger Jack Walker

Not a Power Ranger
Oct 24, 2008
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The battle of the crustaceans.

Its Kingler vs. Crawdaunt.

Kingler is a fan favourite. And honestly, I can see why. It looks cool has a great attack stat. In the anime, Ash's kingler got 3 DEM wins in the Indigo League but has rarely been seen since then.

When Crawdaunt was first revealed, many fans dismissed it as a cheap Kingler ripoff. When its competitive skills were scene, again it was dismissed as a weak and slower Kingler. Now it has Dark and Water type Stab and is a great Pokemon. Crawdaunt has appeared a few times in the anime mostly as the antagonist's Pokemon due to its Dark Type.

Which do you like more?

Which would win in a battle?

Which is more useful?

I always loved Crawdaunt. How I wished Ash would evolve his Corphish but he didn't. I think Crawdaunt would win in a battle due to its dark type moves.

Both have got limited uses. Both are outclassed. So finding out who is more useful is hard. So its a tie here.

My vote goes to Crawdaunt.
I vote for Crawdaunt. Better design in my opinion.And I like it's typing. And it got a great setup move in Gen 5 - Dragon Dance.
I like them both, but Crawdaunt gets +1 vote for being part dark. Also, I have a mild allergy to crabs Dx
Crawdaunt already had Swords Dance, I believe. Its far to slow to use Dragon Dance effectively. Even with a +1 Speed boost, it is wuite slow. Its much better off with +2 Attack boost instead of a +1 Attack boost and a speed boost thats not going to change much.
Crawdaunt is part dark-type, and has a better design.
Wow, I guess I'm the only one who likes Kingler? I prefer its design. Crawdaunt got DD in gen IV btw.
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Crawdaunt has always looked like a prostitute to me due to the blue lips. looks like its wearing too much make up. Kingler isn't trying to sell me dirty products, so Kingler wins.
I've always preferred Kingler's design over Crawdaunts. Also, I've been a fan since the Indigo League(Anime).
Crawdaunt's part Dark, it has a star, and HG/SS gave it Dragon Dance. Of course, in a fight, Kingler would win because of a super-effective X-Scissor.
I think Crawdaunt is stronger but I still like Kingler the most for its appearance and general coolness.
I voted for Kinger. Not only is its design awesome, but in HG/SS, it walks sideways! How cool is that!

But Crawdaunt is still pretty awesome.
Kingler looks epic and has a monster attack stat also as said befor its HG/SS is epic i walks sideways!
I don't know about you guys, but look at this!


Look at those muscular legs, those big, beautiful claws, those eyes that seem to say, "Pay up, heh heh!"

I mean, whenever I look at that thing, I think of Beavis. Honest. Dunno why, though.

So, uh, yeah, I'll vote Crawdaunt since I just freaked myself out right there.
Kingler. Anything that walks sideways gets my vote. It also looks better than Crawdaunt.
Crawdaunt FTW! But seriously this is hard to pick since I love both Pokemon, but Crawdaunt gets it because I used in as a main team member in Sapphire. Kingler never got onto my team in Gen I due to my Blastoise.
Crawdaunt. Even though it's team aqua's pokemon and it part of the bad team, it still has a good design.
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