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Apr 6, 2006
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Ok,I know this isn't my original idea,but I am a big Krazyshipping fan.I love the idea of Meowth and Pikachu being secretly in love.I think the only reason Pika hates Meowth is because Ash has gotten it into it's head that Meowth is a heartless monster and Meowth seems awfully happy capturing Pikachu all the time.Sure Meowth fell in love with Skitty but that was just a crush.And with Meowzie gone he's still single.So's Pika.
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It's a cute 'ship. That's all I've got to say, really.


The apple-thing... that was so cute. xD

And Hey Pikachu is cute too... xD
Pikachu/Meowth are always paired up when lost from their trainers
Krazyshipping has to be one of the cutest (if not the cutest) ship out there. At least, I'd say so. But I may or may not be a little biased... o^_^o;;

But yay for Krazyshipping! It's too bad you don't see it represented much though, not a lot of art or fics out there about it, but a lot of people seem to like it. Maybe I should post the Krazy fic I wrote forever ago here at BMGF... but that's a topic for another time. =^°^=;

I find it kinda interesting that Pikachu and Meowth always end up together when their trainers aren't around. Let's just hope the writers are thinking what we're thinking.
I'm all for it. 'Cause Meowth usually ends up being friends with Pika until the humans show back up and ruin everything.
Whenever without their trainers they seem to be with eachother. I think it pretty much started on the island of giant pokemon where Meowth wanted to steal Pikachu and the others. SUre it could've been for TR, or not. Also they had the entire episode where they were chained together.
Attention all krazyshippers!Right now in the Writer's Corner there is a fresh new
krazyshipping fic out there by the starter of this thread.Be the first to review it!!!!!!!!!!!
Fic name:Behind the(kissing)scenes
fic author:SilverSkitty
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