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Jun 22, 2015
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Who will be arriving after Merlin, Jormungandr, Horus, and Set? For this particular post I'd predict one or two gods each current pantheon, along with some ideas from pantheons currently without representation.

Arthurian: Green Knight?
Celtic: Lugh, or The Dagda
Chinese: Fu Xi, or Zhu Bajie
Egyptian: Sekhmet
Greek: Persephone, or Typhon
Hindu: Shiva
Japanese: Tsukuyomi, or Orochi
Mayan: Hunahpu, or Kinich Ahau
Norse: Heimdall, or Njord
Polynesian: Maui
Roman: Ceres, or Vesta
Slavic: Belobog, or Baba Yaga
Voodoo: Aido Wedo, or Madam Brigitte

Possible new pantheons:
Yoruba: Shango, Olorun, Ogun,
Incan: Inti
Mesopotamian: Gilgamesh, Ishtar, Tiamat, Enkidu
Lovecraftian: Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon
Inuit: Sedna
American: Pecos Bill, John Henry, Uncle Sam