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Last blog was probably five-six years ago.

Never Giving Up.
Jun 16, 2010
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So I joined Bulba a few days after Eighth Grade ended. Over ten years now, which is absolutely insane imo. But hey, I still talk to folks I met on here, so that's cool.

Since I don't come by often (I am now since summer is more lax), here's a quick summary of like the last five years-

- Lived in Japan for seven months for school (was in a homestay, was not fun)
- Graduated college with honors (what the heck) in Japanese and also Graphic Design
- Worked at a startup
- Currently work at my old middle school as a Tech Specialist and I love it
- Also more currently? teaching a summer school class about Python, Photography, Graphic Design, Videography, I love that too
- Supposed to start Graduate School in fall, getting a Master's in Library Sciences (Still might back out, I don't know if it's really my cup of tea)
- I live in an apartment with my man. We've been together for three and a half years. We decided to start going out three months before I left for Japan, but hey, it worked out woooo
- I still play Pokemon, collect the cards, buy plushes. Also still into Magic the Gathering.
- The doggo I had growing up died in 2018. We adopted a pupper in February 2019. Pupper is Australian Cattle Dog x Great Pyr mix. He is w i l d.
- I like Disney a l o t more. Too bad I still live in Wisco (But after being down south where my parents yeeted to, I am super duper glad I live in Wisco, weather-wise).
- One last fun tidbit- I still play League (League of Legends, w/e). A few years ago I actually got my name as my summoner name? People have asked me if they can buy it. Crazy people.

Mmmm yep. And it's my birthday soon. Hope to gollers I get some good goodies, but I am getting rather ancient now so I probs will get no fun stuff.