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SPOILERS Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

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Fire Pokémon Expert

It doesn't even look like the same graphics engine!
The eye here once again doesn't look complete/very off.
I am glad that someone/some group somewhere learned how to make amazing models, but, I wish they would not be tricking people across the internet (except that it doe make the wait shorter and will enhance the experience of seeing the real additional Pokemon!)
I honestly think you’re setting yourself up to disappointment if you think this whole leak is fake. I’ll guess we find out when the datamining will start.
I gotta focus. I'm shifting into pokemon mode.
So it went from a Chikadee (a type of bird apparently) into something then into a crow/raven. Weird but OK. It isn't any weirder than japanese robin to peregrine falcon or woodpecker to toucan.
Yeah, the problem I have with these birds is that it's not exactly staying in the corvid family. At least woodpeckers and toucans are related.

Also it's a tit apparently and not a chickadee. Which makes it even weirder.
The best defense is a good defense
"For now there will be a pause as the leaker will continue playing the game to find new Pokémon. We don't know how long it will last. Of course as soon as a new Pokémon is discovered we will post it ". It's twitter acount did post it. So, let's sit and wait for more.
Haha, galar rapidash reminds me of a music box I've had my whole life with pastel colored unicorns on it. I'm not a big fan of the design itself, but it reminding me of that makes me warmer towards it...
Pokemon Researcher
Sorry I was out adopting all the Yamper evolutions from the local shelter. I've named one Best Boi, then another one Lightning Friend, and the final one is named Bolt Buddy.

Galarian Rapidash looks pretty awesome. The eye change from G-Ponyta to G-Rapidash does look kind of weird though. I'm not sure if I'm skeptical about it, or just plain thrown off. But the main looks glorious as does the horn.

Corviknight prevos are amazing. The first stage looks absolutely adorable, always love the round birbs, and middle evo looks quite awesome looking. It does that perfect evolution line, where it gets bigger it loses traits of its first stage and grows into its traits from it's third stage.
I gotta focus. I'm shifting into pokemon mode.
I'm starting to think that anything after the Impidimp evos is fabricated.

This is going to be a long week and a half.
I honestly think you’re setting yourself up to disappointment if you think this whole leak is fake. I’ll guess we find out when the datamining will start.
Some of these if not all of them, are definitely not real!
It doesn't make any sense for the pupils of Corviknight's previous stages to be sticking out well over and beyond the eyelid! i doublechecked and that is certainly not a design aspect of Corviknight itself!

Excuse me? I see the Ram then I go to sleep for 4 hours like literally and then i wake up to this? Is this heaven??? But where are my ice types omg!!! Please tell me there are ice types in Galar and that Giga Lapras is not the only new one?!
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