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Least favourite Pokemon of each generation

Kermit Seismitoad isn’t real, it can’t hurt you
Dec 14, 2016
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So what are some mons introduced in each of the 8 generations that get on your nerves, had a bad experience with, or just find it to be the ugliest thing ever? For me...

1: Voltorb. No reason, just do.
2: Delibird. I'm hoping it gets an awesome evolved form in the future but now it's way too not strong to work.
3: Banette. I've tried to like this, but it's stats are just so bad. Really slow, not good movepool, and frail too? At least it's mega looks cool and fixes it's stats a bit. Overall this gen was one of the harder ones to think of a least favourite for.
4: Really don't know.
5: Mienshao. I hate it, it hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns. There is nothing that will ever make me like this stupid, STUPID waste of space. In my X nuzlocke, it of course had to set up during my Aerodactyl's flying turn and of course Fly missed and it lands a crit. Fuck, FUCK Mienshao. If this thing stops showing up in future pokedexes I will be very glad. And of course, guess who literally never got a single other flyer as a first encounter, so had to cheat in order to progress? I also hate this thing for killing my Toxicroak too after that but that's not the point. FUCK this stupid fighter thing.
6: Klefki literally has no reason to exist. Other than somewhat being good in competitive from what I've heard, I've always found it to be pointless. I also think it has a bad design, but not because it's a living keyring, but the design itself bugs me. What is with the drop on it's chin? Is it a beard? What is with that mouth? Are the keys part of the body? There is just so much wrong with it's design. If I could change it, I would suggest it basically being the face on one of it's keys. I also found it really bad and disappointing to use in regular play but that's just me.
7: Brionne. BIG surprise, the middle stage of my favourite starter is my least favourite specific stage of any starter. It has to be one of the ugliest middle stages in the game. First off, it just looks really awkward when compared to Popplio being cute and Primarina being cute and badass. Secondly, this thing doesn't even look like a creature from the games, moreso an educational game mascot reject. Lastly, just everything about it's design just turns me off.
8: Why does Stonjourner exist, again? I tolerated it at first, but now I think it is tied with the keys for the most pointless and redundant creature in the series thus far. Awful design too. Why do we need some weird ass rock... thing? Yeah. I'm not even going to bother using one to see if there is anything good about it. Good thing I have no idea where to find one.
Regional variant: I. LOATHE. Alolan Persian. It is the dumbest, ugliest, most moronic, most HORRIBLE thing ever implemented in the game. I's stupid smug face, it's enormous head, that punchable face, that fact that it's just a recolour of Persian without those bad features... UGH.
Now, before you ask, I literally have nothing against the original Persian, in fact, I've actually grown to really like it as of late after just using 2 really awesome ones in a few recent nuzlockes I've done. I really don't think it's bad at all, but the Alolan version... NO. FUCK the Alolan version.
The biggest problem of all is that I can't take it seriously. It doesn't look like something I want to train and become useful, it looks like some incredibly stupid and smug assdick that wants the user to be trolled by having it around. Just... FUCK Alolan Persian. I hate it, I will NEVER use one, and will ALWAYS implement a rule in my nuzlockes to always skip it's line if it were my first encounter. SCREW that thing.
So out of all these choices, Alolan Persian is my least favourite. I loathe it with every fiber and orifice on my body. Just it's horrendous design makes me rage. For a least favourite that isn't an alternate form, pretty much a 3-way tie between Stonjourner, Mienshao, and Klefki.
Sea Slug Pokémon
Aug 13, 2019
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This list was a bit harder to make than I thought. I've noticed that almost all of the Pokemon listed here are humanoid to a degree, some more so than others.

Gen 1: Jynx. I'm just not a fan of its design, I find it hideous.
Gen 2: Tyrogue/Smoochum. I had trouble picking which one I like the least. I dislike them because I find their designs a bit ugly and weird, in a bad way.
Gen 3: Hariyama. I found it a bit difficult to pick a least-favorite Hoenn Pokemon because I like or am neutral on most of them. It was a close tie between Hariyama and Swalot, but I went with Hariyama as I would slightly prefer to use Swalot. Hariyama just has too awkward of proportions.
Gen 4: Happiny. Like with the gen 2 baby Pokemon, I find this one a smidge ugly.
Gen 5: Conkledurr. The only thing this Pokemon has going for it is its cool cry. Other than not, I think it's fairly ugly.
Gen 6: Hoopa-Unbound. While I like some design aspects of this Pokemon and I thing it is a neat concept, overall I think it's ugly and a smidge on the over-complicated side.
Gen 7: Incineroar. I don't like how humanoid it is nor its bizarre body proportions (look at those giant hands and tiny wrists!).
Gen 8: Mr. Rime. Inteleon was fairly close, but then I realized I'd rather use Inteleon over Mr. Rime.
Flame Trainer
Jun 5, 2016
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7: Brionne. BIG surprise, the middle stage of my favourite starter is my least favourite specific stage of any starter. It has to be one of the ugliest middle stages in the game. First off, it just looks really awkward when compared to Popplio being cute and Primarina being cute and badass. Secondly, this thing doesn't even look like a creature from the games, moreso an educational game mascot reject. Lastly, just everything about it's design just turns me off.
It’s actually my favourite stage of the Popplio line. I don’t like Popplio, Primarina is meh but I've loved Brionne since the moment it was revealed.
Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
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Gen 1: Zubat, it's very annoying seeing it everywhere and its confusion is stressing.
Gen 2: Cleffa, in a region of great Pokémon the least creative baby has to take the spot.
Gen 3: Cascoon has a very boring design. A while ago it was Feebas, but at least it's sightly more creative.
Gen 4: Floatzel, too presumptuous and also created a lot of problems in the game to me.
Gen 5: Hydreigon, a wasted opportunity for a giant hydra.
Gen 6: Aromatisse, it's ugly as hell.
Gen 7: Gumshoos, looks kinda ugly, but its worst design is Alolan Golem which is my least favorite of all because of how hideous it looks.
Gen 8: Blipbug has a disappointing look for a bookworm and a very big head, but its worst design is Gigantamax Copperajah for turning a marvelous design into an strange toy.
Someone. Maybe.
Jun 23, 2019
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Gen 1: Koffing. Too many bad experiences for me. Gen 1 gave me a dislike for poison types in general for a while, but I think Koffing was a main offender. Weezing is a close second.
Gen 2: This is actually really hard, there's not a lot about Gen 2 that I dislike Pokemon wise... I guess Sunflora? I just never really cared for it and prefer most other grass-types.
Gen 3: I guess Ludicolo. I don't hate it and I like the type combo, but I just don't like it much.
Gen 4: Biberal. Again I don't hate it, it's just my least favorite of the bunch. Skuntank is a close second.
Gen 5: Throh and Sawk. Just not a fan of their designs and too many bad memories.
Gen 6: Aromatisse. I loved Spritzee and it was one of the reasons I chose Y over X when the games came out, but the design of its evolution just made me sad. I never evolved mine.
Gen 7: Bruxish. Hate that thing. Incineroar also takes close second and is still probably my least favorite final starter evo, though I'm slowly warming up to it a little after all these years.
Gen 8: Thievul. The mustache thing just really threw me off even though I was initially excited for it when I saw Nickit. It just looks weird to me.
The #1 Deerling Fan!
Aug 10, 2015
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Gen 1: Grimer and Muk. Sentient piles of sludge? Really?
Gen 2: Stantler. Kinda useless.
Gen 3: I don't hate it, but I find the Treecko line to be one of my least favorite starters of all time.
Gen 4: Stunky and Skuntank.
Gen 5: Woobat and Swoobat.
Gen 6: Diggersby! It's ugly and weird looking and thank God Clemont's Bunnelby in the anime didn't evolve!
Gen 7: Bruxish. It's like someone dipped it in tye-dye.
Gen 8: CHEWTLE. It's ugly as sin!!! Dear lord, who in their right mind designed this abomination to all things turtles?!
can't you say anything that makes sense?
Jul 2, 2019
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Preferred Pronouns
Gen 1 - Charizard by far. The anime and oversaturrattion completely ruined this pokemon for me.
Gen 2 - Miltank. Whitney's is a demon. Why does it have huge nipples what even-
Gen 3 - I like most Gen 3 pokemon, but Huntail makes me uncomfortable. They really enjoyed making the Clamperl line disturbing.
Gen 4 - Lucario. Oversaturation.
Gen 5 - The Weather Genie Trio. These don't look like pokemon. They look like weird guys drawn by a 4th grader that have weather powers
Gen 6 - Diggersby. What were they thinking-
Gen 7 - While I love most Gen 7 pokemon, Bruxish is trash. I don't have colorful pokemon, but it's contrasting neon colors make me feel sick.
Gen 8 - Chewtle. This turtle ruined Drednaw for me.
Oct 18, 2012
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To be clear, I don't hate any of these designs or anything, they're just the ones that I think connect with me the least.

Gen 1 - Machop. The ribs just make it look emaciated to me which is the opposite of what it should be doing; also I just don't... get what it's supposed to be... a naked humanoid with a tail and those head fins, it almost looks somewhat related to Charmander or Cubone but then like, the tail disappears when it evolves and it gains trunks and actually starts looking like a bodybuilder.

Gen 2 - Smoochum feels a bit forced. I think all of he other Gen 2 babies except for Tyrogue feel like a natural devolution of the parent designs, and I'm a little more sympathetic to Tyrogue than Smoochum because Tyrogue has to devolve three separate and very dissimilar designs, which seems a harder task than doing an interesting "baby Jynx."

Gen 3 - Toss up between Plusle/Minun and Glalie. The former two are the first Pikaclones and also the least interesting by dint of coming before they decided to start basing them on different rodent species. Also Plusle's tail is weird - why is it a T and not a full plus sign? As for Glalie it's... it's a face. A floating face rock. That shivering little gremlin turns into a big face. Froslass extends the concept much more satisfyingly.

Gen 4 - Phione may be the sole Pokmon that I feel comfortable calling a lazy concept. Why does it exist. This could have been anything else. But I'm also critical of many of the Legendaries - particularly the spacetime trio (which I feel are overly detailed with a lot of odd body shapes/proportions - Altered Giratina is probably the one that I like best), Heatran (which I can't even identify - what is it?), and Cresselia (its head makes me think of bananas, its torso lacks interest, and then there's the misleading way the side-auras link to its paws, which are actually really small, but come together with the auras to make Cresselia look like it has these equally weird super-long noodle arms that extend from its lower back)

Gen 5 - Resolute Keldeo is one whose existence I could question but actually I think I'll say Terrakion. To be fair - I like its really stocky build, especially when contrasted with Cobalion and Virizion. My issue is more with the subtleties... its face is far too (1) human (2). Look at those teeth! It looks so much better when its mouth is shut. Also I thought the orange things on its shoulder were flat like... imagine like armor plating or something, until the 3D era rolled around and showed that they're actually very thick... blocky things.

Gen 6 - Probably Dedenne, largely because the rest are just so good. Volcanion sure does have some weird proportions though.

Gen 7 - Brionne. This does not convincingly transition between Popplio and Primarina for me at all, and in general, it's a little too much like someone painted a sea lion blue and put it in a skirt. Its face also lacks anything of interest to me. It's just solid BLUE. Compared to Dartrix and Torracat, who have engaging details and colors framing their faces.

Gen 8 - Drizzile. Water Starters have had a rough two generations with their middle stages. My main problem is similar to Brionne - I just don't think it does a good job transitioning between Sobble and Inteleon. The yellow accents turns into a sickly green, and ultimately it's an emo teen who throws water balloons (um???) but is supposed to grow up into James Bond. Sobble was cute, Inteleon is cool, Drizzile is just... weird.
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Praise Euterpe
Sep 23, 2013
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Preferred Pronouns
She / Her
Gen I: Magmar, Electabuzz, Jynx, and Pinsir are all pretty ugly and strange to me.
Gen II: I don't really care for the so-called "legendary dog trio".
Gen III: Glalie is just weird.
Gen IV: Rhyperior, Electivire, and Magmortar are abominations.
Gen V: Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus.
Gen VI: Binacle/Barbaracle
Gen VII: Incineroar and just about every single Ultra Beast.
Gen VIII: The fossil Pokemon are...eh. I mean I know they're supposed to be, but this was a pretty strong generation designwise, so I'll go with them.
Now with Mega Evolution
Jun 28, 2013
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I don’t really feel very strongly against any of these, but if I had to pick:
1.) Hitmonchan. It just...doesn’t stand out at all. It didn’t really need to exist.
2.) Unown. It’s a pain in the ass to collect them all every game, and with little payoff. Their mysterious power has yet to be explained 22 years later and yeah it’s just weird.
3.) Shedinja. Annoying that this is still the only Bug/Ghost type and it was really irritating trying to figure out how to get one way back when.
4.) Male Combee. I don’t think I need to explain this one lol.
5.) Unfezant. This late in the series, you would think they would have stopped making generic flying types or at least give them a gimmick to make them usable. Luckily they did that next gen, but Unfez is still yucko.
6.) Vivillon. As someone who likes to collect em all, this one was really frustrating. I still don’t have all of them. Just a pointless gimmick really and without much payoff.
7.) Male Salandit (see 4).
8.) Dubwool. Way too generic. Doesn’t really have anything to set it apart. It didn’t even get a new signature ability, move, or form. At least Wooloo is cute.
Totally not a traitor! Heh. ...Right.
May 5, 2019
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1: Spearow. Never liked them. The whole "they're jerks to other Pokemon" makes them honestly really unlikeable.
2: Smoochum. Remember the Kylie Jenner challenge? Don't talk to me ever again about this.
3: Volbeat. Never liked the design. Just didn't. The fact that it's just kinda there solidifies my point.
4: The Burmy line. All of them. They're not appealing at all and they just look dumb. The only upside to these is that one has a Pizza design.
5: The Klink Line. I just don't like looking at it. Sure, the final evo is strong, but still. I don't like the line.
6: Quilladin. fat. I liked Chespin and Chesnaught looks ripped and cool as hell but this has to be my least favorite Starter Evolution design. Period.
7: Bruxish. Read 2.
8: Greedent. *Insert funny Family Guy reference here* Look, it looks like Peter Griffin okay? And I don't like it at all, it's trying too hard to be cute until it becomes unappealing.
Regional Variant: Alolan Raticate. It just looks dumb, it's got black fur now and now what? "oH lEt'S gIvE iT fUnY fAt ChEeKs EcKs DeE" Still never found the appeal.
Galarian Weezing takes close second cause I hate drugs
drugs bad
no more haha funny galar wheeee looks like a bong haha beeg smoke
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Flame Trainer
Jun 5, 2016
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Gen 8 - Drizzile. Water Starters have had a rough two generations with their middle stages. My main problem is similar to Brionne - I just don't think it does a good job transitioning between Sobble and Inteleon. The yellow accents turns into a sickly green, and ultimately it's an emo teen who throws water balloons (um???) but is supposed to grow up into James Bond. Sobble was cute, Inteleon is cool, Drizzile is just... weird.
When Drizzile was leaked it looked so out of touch that I mistook it for the shiny... someone had recoloured its green "gloves" dark blue and it looked better, but still out of touch with its relatives imo.
Petals For Armor
Jun 25, 2011
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Preferred Pronouns
Gen 1 - all of them Probably Jynx.
Gen 2 - Stantler
Gen 3 - Luvdisc
Gen 4 - Probopass
Gen 5 - Cryogonal
Gen 6 - Spewpa. Also, Mega Venusaur.
Gen 7 - The orangutan one.
Gen 8 - Haven't played the games enough to warrant an opinion yet.
Well-Known Member
Oct 12, 2014
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Gen 1: Jynx (Its ugly)
Gen 2: Sunkern (Honestly, whats the point in having Sunkern)
Gen 3: Ilumise (I just don't see the appeal)
Gen 4: Carnivine (Its just a generic Grass type)
Gen 5: Cofagigrus (I don't like the Pokemon at all)
Gen 6: Greninja (Happens almost every time that a Pokemon that is getting overexposure, i am starting to hate it)
Gen 7: Kommo-o (I feel like its the weakest design in the whole region and the most overdesigned)
Gen 8: Cinderace (Is Cinderace a Pokemon, or is it a human in a bunny suit?)


Jul 4, 2012
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1 - Lickitung - Worst of a really good batch of Pokemon. It just looks very unappealing.
2 - Unown - It's essentially a pointless fetch quest designed as a Pokemon.
3 - Delcatty - Imagine wasting a moon stone for this.
4 - Lumineon - Pointless fish.
5 - Basculin - Pointless fish.
6 - Barbaracle - Such a weird looking thing. It could've been an ultra beast.
7 - Cosmoem - Literally dex filler. I'd even argue it makes more sense for Cosmog to directly evolve into Solgaleon/Lunala. Should've just been a happiness/affection evolution.
8 - Mr. Rime - I hate everything about it tbh. It's dumb name, dumb animation, it's conceptually just weird. It's Charlie Chaplin but he's really cold? I mean, the fuck?
War Kirbys Unite
May 21, 2020
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I don't know, I just hate Glalie. Snorunt is cool, Frosslass is okay, but this literal big-mouthed ball I hate.
Apr 29, 2020
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I :Raichu - How many times has Ash's Pikachu lost to a Raichu?
II :Chinchou - Oh a dead pokemon! Wow!
III : Milotic - Somehow came from a dirty fish that can somehow become beautiful
IV : Bibarel - The pokemon that ruined all memes
V : Emboar - How?
VI : Litleo - Gross
VII : Blacephalon - Immortal pokemon
VII : Frosmoth - The root of all evil in this universe