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Legends Arceus is the best Pokémon game ever created as of generation 9, change my mind.

Legends Arceus actually had the best quest indication system so far, as unlike the Alola games, it told you what you need to do next without being intrusive as well as keeping track of sidequests. The only upgrade thing I didn't like was paying ridiculous sums of money just to increase get one extra slot in the satchel, which eventually changed the game from exploration to griding, which is always a negative for me because the main point of open-world games is exploration.
While I still haven’t managed to beat it, it’s given me lots of story ideas for a thing I’m doing with the game (it fits the persons character, the whole “survive if you can” sort of thing being a good story plot for this certain character) (
oh and volo at the end with arceus and giratina gave me ideas for her and origin forme Dialga ) sorry if none of this makes sense
A rather unique point from me but is something I genuinely do care about. To me, a Pokémon game requires at least somewhat efficient opportunities for great PvP matches in order to be in the top spot, especially if they're classified as main series games.

This doesn't mean Legends Arceus is low on my list for the lack of PvP, but I prioritize games like what we had on the 3DS over it, then put Legends Arceus above where I find PvP and its benefits being overshadowed by where it was at its peak.
I just think the progression method was weak, I don't care to fill out a checklist for pokemon I don't care a whole lot about just so I can continue the story in a game i paid for. I understand why they did it, but it just felt like an artificial roadblock to my experience when I just wanted to consume more of the story.
At least some of the tasks are easy:
Catch X amount of this Pokémon
Evolve X amount of Pokémon
See Pokémon use (insert name of move) X amount of times

In fact, if I recall, evolving a Pokémon automatically lists the new Pokémon as seen and caught (evolving Budew into Roselia would mark the Roselia as caught in the Pokédex even if you never actually caught a Roseila in the game yet).
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