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lengendary fakemon creator


i still love ditto, but i like this guy too
Dec 13, 2021
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  1. He/Him
on person lists the names of a made up set of pokemon games the next person tells about the legendary trio for those games.
lets start with fire and ice
there would be
Safre: fire type bst: 630, best: Attack, worst, speed
Oseci: Ice type bst:630, best: Speed, worst Attack (would be special attacker)
Liawa: Water type, (cause when you apply heat to ice it becomes water?) bst:650 best: Special attack, worst: speed

Rose & Daisy
priklaflower: fairy/poisen it looks pretty but looks can be deceptive. if you arent carful you could get poked
dasey: fairy it is as nice as it is pretty
flugly: i am not quite sure about the types. this pokemon is ugly. but its also the nicest one of all
win and lose
Victosea: Water/Electric Pokemon. Victosea is known for bringing a way of luck on certain people.
Lossediment: Ground Pokemon. Lossediment is always unhappy, and while very rarely found, sightings mostly happen at tournaments near the loser.
Hoyuplai: Normal Pokemon. Hoyuplai is a fair and just Pokemon. It will rarely appear to comfort the loser at tournaments.

How about Thoughts and Actions? The middle could be Words.
Cogiment (Psychic/Ghost). Cogitation Pokemon. It is often in deep thought, thinking of various things. If it is disturbed, it quietly controls the mind of whatever disturbed it so that it can think in silence, but doesn't physically attack.
Actisoma (Fighting/Normal). Action Pokemon. It's always doing something, but never seems to know, or think about, the consequences of its actions. Even in its sleep it rolls around on occasion.
Omnilogo (Psychic/Normal). Word Pokemon. Rarely seen, it is said to be able to speak all languages. Some theorize that it had at least some part in the development of human language.

Order and Chaos?
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