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Trade Shop Let's Trade Shinies! (Scarlet/Violet)

Aug 25, 2022
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Here are a few shiny deals I'm willing to make, the shinies either have a tiny amount of EVs (which can be easily removed with some effort point-reducing berries) or completely empty.
[Number for reference] [Pokemon], [Level], [Ball Caught in], [Tera Type], [Marking]

[1] Sinistea (Phony), Level 42, Quick Ball, Tera: Ghost
[2] Rookidee, Level 21, Quick Ball, Tera: Flying
[3] Tropius, Level 29, Quick Ball, Tera: Flying
[4] Meditite, Level 38, Quick Ball, Tera: Fighting
[5] Tarountula, Level 55, Quick Ball, Tera: Bug
[6] Pawmi: Level 21, Quick Ball, Tera: Electric
[7] Pawmo, Level 63, Quick Ball, Tera: Electric (the high level was due to using some exp candy due to some failed evolution attempts lol)
[8] Forretress, Level 54, Quick Ball, Tera: Steel
[9] Herracross, Level 54, Net Ball, Tera: Bug
[10] Gible, Level 58, Quick Ball, Tera: Dragon
[11]Steenee, Level 23, Quick Ball, Tera: Grass
[12] Wattrel, Level 23, Quick Ball, Tera: Flying
[13] Flutter Mane, Level 59, Ultra Ball, Tera: Fairy, Uncommon Mark
[14] Flutter Mane, Level 60, Ultra Ball, Tera: Fairy
[15] Flutter Mane, Level 58, Ultra Ball, Tera: Ghost
[16] Buizel, Level 28, Quick Ball, Tera: Water
[17] Roaring Moon, Level 59, Quick Ball, Tera: Dragon
[18] Roaring Moon, Level 58, Ultra Ball, Tera: Dark
[19] Scream Tail, Level 59, Ultra Ball, Tera: Psychic
[20] Scream Tail, Level 60, Repeat Ball, Tera: Psychic
[21] Oinkologne, Level 28, Heal Ball, Tera: Normal
[22] Nacli, Level 29, Quick Ball, Tera: Rock
[23] Drifloon, Level 20, Quick Ball, Tera: Flying
[24] Tatsugiri, Level 52, Repeat Ball, Tera: Dragon
[25] Luvdisc, Level 22, Quick Ball, Tera: Water
[26] Flaaffy, Level 28, Quick Ball, Tera: Electric
[27] Glimmet, Level 43, Quick Ball, Tera: Poison

Feel free to ask for further details on any specific shiny! Here are some shinies I have in mind, but feel free to give your own options for whichever pokemon you wish to trade for, however, I prefer that they have empty (or near empty) effort points training:

Slowpoke (Specifically)
Iron Valiant
Iron Hands
Brute Bonnet
Flittle (Or Espathra)
Cetoddle (or Cetitan)
Ralts (Male)
Ralts (Female)
Bronzor (or Bronzong)
Eevee (Specifically)
Girafarig (Specifically)
Toedscool (Specifically)
Capsakid (Specifically)
Rufflet (Specifically)
Impidimp (or Morgrem)
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