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GEN VII: LF a few specific untouched legendaries + UBs

Sep 9, 2012
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What I'm looking for is the following:

Palkia in Ultra, Premier or Luxury ball
Thundurus in Premier or Luxury ball (low priority)
Latias in Premier or Luxury ball (low priority)

All of them should have their default English names (region doesn't matter as long as the name is the same as their English name), be level 60 with no experience and be caught through the Ultra Wormhole.

I have the following level 60's to trade:
Latias (Japanese)
Latios (English)
Lugia (English)
Buzzwole (English)
Kartana (English)

Other Pokemon of interest:
Mawile Lvl 100
Aerodactyl Lvl 100
x3 Aerodactyl Lvl 90 (have glitched nicknames)
Charizard Lvl 100 (has glitched nickname)
Several Vivillion patterns
Several legendaries in my bank (Not native to US/UM), just ask
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