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SwSh LF: GMax Meowth | FT: GMax Meowth, Alcremie, Lapras, and Appletun + Shinies + HA Pokemon

Tickle my tentacles
Apr 8, 2018
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Hey all.
So, I got a GMax Meowth from that event but I'm looking for one that's a bit different, specifically an Impish male GMax Meowth, preferably with Technician but I can work with Pickup. Oh and, I'm looking to nickname this Meowth as well.

Here's some Pokemon I have to offer in SW/SH
Bold GMax Alcremie (vanilla swirl) in Friend Ball, female, Sweet Veil (Lv. 30)
Hardy GMax Alcremie (ruby swirl) in Heal Ball, female, Sweet Veil (Lv. 40)
Adamant GMax Lapras in Ultra Ball, male, Shell Armor (Lv. 40)
Timid GMax Appletun in Timer Ball, male, Gluttony (Lv. 4o)
Jolly GMax Meowth in Cherish Ball, female, Pickup (Lv. 5)

And, in USUM
Brave 2018 Legends Event shiny Zygarde
Jet's shiny Type: Null

Additionally, I can offer any shiny off of this link, and any HA Pokemon there as well. Unfortunately, these Pokemon are only available in USUM, but you can transfer them once Home comes out.
You can ask for any one of the Pokemon above, and if one of the shinies from the "for trade" section on the list here interests you, you can have that too. Sadly that and any HA Pokemon I can offer from said tag are only available in USUM, but when Home comes out you can transfer them up.

Thanks for hearing me out and hopefully you can help.
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