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GEN VI: LF HA starters and fossils


New Member
Feb 15, 2022
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Greetings avid traders and collectors, I come to you to negotiate a trade.

What I am looking for (HA only):
Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawot, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Anorith, Lileep, Shieldon, Cranidos, Tirtouga, Amaura, Basculin (blue), Basculin (red), Hippopotas, Sentret, Shelmet, Karablast and Patrat

What I can offer in exchange: Hidden abilities:
I got around 95% of all friend safari pokemon

Starters, fossils, and other hard to obtain hidden abilities:
Bulbasaur, Chlorophyll
Charmander, Solar Power
Squirtle, Rain dish
Totodile, Sheer Force
Treecko, Unburden
Torchic, Speed Boost
Turtwig, Weak armor
Chimchar, Iron Fist
Tepig, Thick Fat
Omanyte, Weak Armor
Tyrunt, Sturdy
Qwilfish, Intimidate
Dratini, Marvel Scale
Carbink, Sturdy
Exeggcute, Harvest

A collection of 5-6 IVs finished Pokemon ready to be EV trained:

Shellder, Skill Link, Adamant, Rock blast, 6IV (1x) and 5IV (2x); Shell armor (6IV);
Houndour, Flash Fire, Timid, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, 5IV (3x);
Clauncher, Mega Launcher, Modest/Relaxed, (5IV)
Snivy, Contrary, Timid (6IV)/ Calm (5IV)
Nidoran (male), Poison Point, Timid (no SpA) and Rivalry, Timid, (6IV)
Swinub, Thick Fat, Jolly, Freeze-Dry, Icicle Crash (no SpA 2x; no Att 1x)
Foongus, Regenerator, Bold, (5IV)
Cottonee, Prankster, Timid, Memento, Switcheroo, Encore, (5IV)
Slowpoke, Regenerator, Timid, (5IV)
Chansey, Natural Cure, Calm, (5IV)
Heracross, Guts, Adamant, Rockblast, (5IV)
Ponyta, Flash Fire, Jolly, Morning Sun, (5IV)
Vulpix, Drought, Timid, Disable, Extrasensory, Hex, Hypnosis, (5IV)
Hoppip, Chlorophyll, Careful (no SpA)

And a collection of finished Mons from which I would generate offspring off to trade:

Dratini, Marvel scale, adamant, extreme speed, aqua jet, iron tail, dragon dance;
Carbink, sturdy, relaxed;
Exeggcute, harvest, calm, curse;
Shellder, Skill Link, Adamant, Rock blast;
Houndour, Flash Fire, Timid, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot
Snivy, Contrary, Calm, HP Fire;
Swinub, Thick Fat, Jolly, Icicle Crash, Freeze dry;
Charmander, SolarPower, Timid, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power;
Charmander, Blaze, Jolly, D. Dance, D. Rush, Outrage;
Charmander, Blaze, Adamant, D. Dance, D. Rush, Outrage;
Gligar, Immunity, Careful;
Slowpoke, Regenerator, Bold;
Foongus, Regenerator, Bold;
Alomomola, Regenerator, Impish/Bold;
Bergmite, Sturdy, Careful, Barrier, Miror coat, recover;
Ferrorseed, Iron Barbs, Careful, Leech seed, Spikes;
Miltank, Thick Fat, Impish, Curse;
Phantump, Harvest, Impish;
Larvitar, Guts, Relaxed/Adamant, D. Dance, Pursuit, Iron Head, Stealth Rock;
Froakie, Protean, Timid, Toxic Spikes;
Joltik, Compound Eyes, Timid;
Larvesta, Flame body, Timid, Morning Sun;
Clauncher, Mega Launcher, Modest;
Nidoran male/female, Hustle, Timid;
Darumaka, Hustle, Jolly;
Honedge, No guard, Adamant, Wide guard;
Kangaskhan, Scrappy, Jolly;
Fletchling, Gale wings, Adamant;
Heracross, Guts/Moxie, Adamant, Rock blast;
Elekid, Adamant, Static, Ice punch, Fire Punch;
Sigilyph, Magic Guard, Calm, Psycho Boost, Roost, Stored Power;
Pinsir, Mold breaker, Adamant; Beldum, Clear body, jolly;
Goomy, Sap sipper, Modest;
Eevee, Adaptability, All relevant natures, Yawn, curse, wish;
Scyther, Technician, Vacuum wave;
Corphish, adaptability, jolly, aqua jet, ancient power, knock off;
Vulpix, drought, timid, disable, extrasensory, hex, hypnosis;
Venipede, Speed Boost, Careful, Spikes, Toxic spikes;
Growlith, Intimidate/Jolly, Impish, Close combat, morning sun, double kick, crunch;
Durant, Truant, Jolly;
Skorupi, battle armor, adamant;
Cottonee, Prankster, Timid, Memento, Switcheroo, Encore;
Audino, Regenerator, Bold, Wish, Amnesia, Encore;
Hoppip, Infiltrator, Jolly;
Clefairy, magic guard, calm;
Floette, Bold, Flower veil;
Grimer, Poison touch, Adamant, Poison gas, Shadow sneak, curse;
Chansey, Natural cure, Bold;
Klefki, Prankster, Careful, Spikes, Switcheroo, Play rough, Foul play;
Shroomish, Poison heal, Impish;
Snubbull, Intimidate, Impish;
Pineco, Sturdy, Relaxed, Stealth rock, Toxic spikes;
Gastly, Timid, Levitate, Perish Song, Disable, Reflect Type, Grudge;
Torchic, Speed Boost, Adamant;
Pancham, Scrappy, Adamant;

Ralts, Synchronize/Telepathy, Jolly;

Let me know if you are interested. Cheers, Beau


New Member
Dec 9, 2021
Reaction score
Do you have a Hidden Abiloty Ferrothorn by any chance?