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SwSh LF: Jolly HA Rufflet | FT: look inside

Oct 24, 2018
Reaction score
I would also love it in a Beast Ball but that's just a bonus
LC - 5402

Here's what i have to offer (besides the Ability Capsule):
-HA Pichu w/Fake Out, Wish, Volt Tackle
-Adamant Heavy Ball Rhyhorn w/Curse
-Jolly Dream Ball Sneasel w/Fake Out, Ice Shard, Icicle Craah
-Adamant Heavy Ball Larvitar
-Jolly Moon Ball Zigzagoon w/Knock Off, Parting Shot, Counter
-Timid Love Ball Ralts
-Timid Love Ball Roselia w/Sleep Powder, Life Dew
-Jolly Love Ball Bounsweet
-Adamant Premier Ball Wimpod
-Naive Beast Ball Jangmo-o
-Adamant Grookey w/Fake Out, Hammer Arm
-Jolly Scorbunny w/Sucker Punch, High Jump Kick
-Timid Sobble
-Impish HA Rookidee w/Tailwind, Defog, Rock Smash
-Adamant Lure Ball Clobbopus
-Quiet Dream Ball HA Hattena
-Adamant Beast Ball Impidimp
-Timid Beast Ball Dreepy