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GEN VI: LF: Shinys in Gen 6 FT: Shinys and Events

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Sep 25, 2017
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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my Shiny Hunting Thread! Below you can see my current list of wants. IVs not needed but appreciated. Please help and I am interested in shinys also not on the list, but I would prefer to keep event legendarys for quest shinys. Id like everything lvl 40 or lower. I would like all Gen 6 or lower through ORAS or X/Y and in interesting balls. Thank you!

burmy M- Current Masuda

For trade:
In Moon:
froakie, pidgey, Raikou, gengar, Slowking, Dragonite, gigalith, koffing (gen 7), gyarados, giratina, Jirachi - others, ask and I can check

celesteela, Phermosa, Xurkitree, Keldeo, darkrai, mewtwo, arceus, hoopa, darkrai, Moltres, Kyogre, entei, yvetal - others, ask and I can check

In my Y version:
corsola, pidgey, gligar, magneton, absol, pidgey, umbreon, cascoon, Lugia - others, ask and I can check

jirachi, phione, Zapdos, Articuno, JP Arceus, Hoopa, Regice Deoxys, Latias x2, Entei, reshiram, Virizion, Victini, mewtwo - others, ask and I can check

I also have a fair amount of chainging shinys for trade so PM me with what you are looking for.

thanks to everyone who has helped me on this journey!

I also have some event Salazzles and Marshadow codes (currently 6)

Updated: 10/11