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Lillie & Polteageist arrive this week in Pokémon Masters EX ahead of new Curious Tea Party Event; Solve Twitter riddles to receive original wallpapers

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The official social media accounts for Pokémon Masters EX today unveiled a new information about the event first teased last week with the on-going Tea Party Log-In Bonus. The Curious Tea Party costume event will feature the player and Lily attempting to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to find Lillie's antique Poltergeist, and attend a tea party hosted by Sonia, Ingo, and Emmet. In conjunction with this new event, Pokemon Masters EX will also be running special riddle rallies and missions via their social media accounts.

Lillie & Antique Form Polteageist

Lillie will be pairing up with a brand new partner, with the debut of Lillie (Special Costume) & Polteageist. They are a Ghost-type support sync pair, who are able to raise the critical-hit rate of all their allies when they attack. It’s Teatime! Move raises the Sp. Atk of all allies by two stat ranks, applies the Gradual Healing effect to all allies, and activates an additional random effect, which can include the possibility of randomly activating field effects for their allies. In addition, their X Sp. Def Move can raise the Sp. Def of all allies by two stat ranks, and they can also restore allies HP with their Potion Move and their Passive Skill.

Lillie (Special Costume) & Polteageist's Featured Costume Sync Pair Scout will begin on March 30th at 11pm (PDT), and will run through all the way until May 3rd at 10:59pm (PDT).

Special Costumes for Sonia, Ingo, and Emmet
In addition to Lillie, the new trailer previews new special outfits for three additional trainers. While official materials have not yet revealed the partner Pokémon for these trainers, the community has been able to identify the new sync pairs as being:
  • Sonia (Special Costume) & Tsareena
  • Ingo (Special Costume) & Accelgor
  • Emmet (Special Costume) & Escavalier
Sonia's Tsareena will notably be only the second shiny Pokémon to be seen as part of a sync pair in Pokémon Masters EX to date, after Steven (Anniversary 2021) & Rayquaza.

Riddle Missions

Alongside the Costume Event, a separate Riddle Event will also be running in game, starting April 6th. Players will be able to solve riddle missions in order to receive a Medal, up to 6,000 gems, as well as 5★-Guaranteed Scout Tickets x60. While the trailer gives no information on what exactly these riddle missions will entail, the developer update also posted today has revealed that these will be unusual missions that do not give players specific requirements for how to complete them. There will be a total of 20 riddle-solving missions added to the game, with one added each day between April 6th and April 25th. The missions will be available through to May 3rd.

Curious Tea Party Rally
Ahead of the start of the Curious Tea Party event, Pokémon Masters EX's official Twitter account @PokemonMasters is also running a special riddle rally in which players can get original Pokémon Masters EX wallpapers by answering quiz questions posted to social media. The first clue has already been revealed to players. If you know the answer, make sure to tweet it using the #PokemonMasters and #CuriousTeaPartyRally hashtags.


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