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EVERYONE: Link and the Fate of the Deku Tree


Ninja Frog
Feb 16, 2018
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⦁ Mild Violence - Cartoon and fantasy violence are fine in any amount. Gore should not be present, and any deaths should not be violent in nature (Blood is acceptable in trivial amounts).

At the beginning of this month, @LightningTopaz challenged me to take one of the many dungeons that have appeared in the Legend of Zelda Series throughout the years and write a story based around said dungeon while keeping the scope of the story small. This is the result of that. Admittedly, I did attempt to do a different dungeon to the one in this story, but it proved to be a bit troublesome, so I switched to this one. As the title says, this story is about the Deku Tree of "Ocarina of Time". I do have the chapters planned out. Also, I am not following the events of the game. It will be different.

The Kokiri are a group of Hylian Botanists that decided to live in the Kokiri Forest. They lived there for many generations, eventually, calling themselves the Kokiri. Some have taken up farming to provide food for the village, which some people take to sell at Hyrule Castle Town. The Great Deku Tree is the Guardian Deity of the forest. He is overseen by the Forest Fairies, who all help to maintain its health alongside the Hylians, since if it dies, the forest will slowly rot and wither away until there is nothing left, but a barren wasteland.

Kokiri Village is made up of multiple treehouses made from giant hollow stumps. Some are on the ground level, while others are higher up and require a ladder to enter. There is also a farm nearby where the people get their food. To the west is a path that leads out of the forest to Hyrule Field and the rest of Hyrule. Some of the people take the goods from the farm and head out to sell them at Hyrule Castle Town, located to the north of the forest. The northern side of the village has a path that leads into the Lost Woods, a dark, maze-like part of the woods. It is forbidden to go there due to how easy it is to get lost. To the east lies the Great Deku Tree's meadow. The tree is tall enough that it can be seen from the village.

16-year-old Link is walking around the village, a Kokiriri Sword and a Wooden Shield strapped to his back. His family is part of a group that seeks to protect the forest from monsters and people who would do harm. As he approached the central square, he spots Saria's mother, looking along the eastern path to the Deku Tree, clearly upset about something. Link approaches her, knowing that something is up.
"Hey Relio, is something wrong?" Link asks.
"Well, I told Saria that today, she can go gather sap for me," Relio replies.
"She hasn't come back yet?" Link asks.
Relio shook her head. "She hasn't. I have not seen her. It's already been thirty minutes. Usually, I'm in and out in two or three minutes, maybe five,"
"Perhaps she is simply taking her time and admiring the Deku Tree? Or maybe she is back, just hanging out with her friends and simply forgot?" Link asks, also starting to get worried.
"I did ask around, but no one has seen her since she went to the Deku Tree," Relio said.
"I'll go find her," Link said after a moment.
"Are you sure?" Relio asks, looking at him.
"Well, she was by my side while I was sick after I was tricked by Mido into eating that mushroom," Link replies.

"Mido is crazy. Sometimes, I don't understand him. How could tricking someone into eating a Mystery Toadstool be funny? That mushroom could have killed you. Thank goodness the Forest Fairies slowed the poison enough for mother to create an antidote," Saria said as she mixed the medicine, which consists of Fresh Water from the Fairy Spring, some Red Berries, and medicinal herbs. She smiles at Link, who is laying on a bed of leaves.
"One more of these, and you will be fine," she said. "Thanks," Link groaned, his voice slightly strained, followed by a slight cough.
"I appreciate…the care you gave me these past few days," Link added. He lets out another small cough.
Saria smiles at her friend. "Next time, don't listen to Mido," she said. Link nods.

"Now's it my turn to help her!" Link exclaims. He then runs off before Relio can say anything. He heads through the tunnel, which is made from a hollow log that was rolled into the small valley, and out to the Deku Tree's Meadow. Link looks up at the Deku Tree, which sits in the middle of the meadow. It's so tall that it makes the other tress around it look almost like saplings. There is what appears to be a face in the trunk. It is known that only the Forest Fairies can communicate with the Deku Tree. At the bottom, there is a large opening that leads into the tree, attached to which, is the cave where the roots are, referred to by the villagers as the Deku Root Cavern. After a moment, he notices that the tree is looking a bit pale as opposed to its usual healthy dark brown.

"What? Why is it so sick looking?" Link asks in shock. Suddenly, the twinkling sound of a Forest Fairy is heard from behind. Link turns and watches as a small blue Forest Fairy emerges from the trees and approaches the Deku Tree.
"Great Deku Tree! What's wrong? I heard your call and have come," The fairy asks as it flies up to the tree.
After a few moments, the fairy flies down to Link.
"Something is killing the Great Deku Tree, but he knows not what it is," the fairy said.
"A close and dear friend of mine went into the tree to gather sap thirty minutes ago, but she has not returned," Link said.
"Then let us go and save her. Perhaps we will also find the cause of the tree's declining health," the fairy said.
Link nods. "My name is Link, by the way," he said.
"I am Navi, one of the Deku Tree's servants and friends," the fairy said, bobbing up and down.
"Let's get going, Navi," Link said. He runs along the path to the entrance into the tree, Navi following him.
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Ninja Frog
Feb 16, 2018
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Not a bad start so far--if this were me, I would put the flashback in italics and delete the "start of flashback and end of flashback" text. Italics is enough to signal this little scene is a flashback.
I edited that bit and found that I do like it more than how it was initially. I think I shall leave it and do future flashback scenes the same way. I do agree that the "start of flashback and end of flashback" text did look out of place.