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EVERYONE: Lissi likes to write!

Oct 28, 2023
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  1. She/Her
I saw some other people had these, so I thought I’d make a thread just to post some little thingys I wrote, which may be really short but could get as long as a full length one shot. I’m not sure

In terms of feedback, some constructive criticism is fine, but not too much or im gonna start thinking bad thoughts

Any sort of comments are fine though as long as they’re not hate comments or anything ig, so feel free to comment on anything I wrote! I may open a sort of request thing later, but for now I’m keeping it just me

I might write about ships, I might write about characters, I might write about situations, I don’t really know. Hope you enjoy!
Entry 1: oh arceus i did not mean for this to be this… sad?
Do you think I might need to bump this thread up to teen? There shouldn’t be too much stuff that doenst qualify for everyone but if you ever see anything that’s a bit too heavy for everyone, tell me. Seeing everyone else’s I should be fine? But just in case

Serena was used to not having many people around her. She grew up with just her mom and a bunch of ryhorn, so you can’t blame her.

But now that all these great people are in her life; Calem, Trevor, Tierno, Shauna… even Emma, it just made her feel even more alone as she stood there in the flare building, trying to process her surroundings. She was wearing a fancy dress with green and hexagons everywhere. It was a nice look on her, but knowing this was all team flare made her hate it.

Serena hated team flare. And she still does. She hated the things they did to her, she hated the things she did to the people she loves. She hated what they did to the region she loves. As she found herself in their building, helpless as her Pokémon were taken, her only thought was why. Why did they do this. Do they like seeing me suffer. If so you’ve done your job. Just stop.

Serena peered out the small window in the room to see Shauna running towards the building. Serena tried to call out to her, but instead saw a glowing green light in the corner of her eye then her mind went blank…

wow that ended up darker than I wanted it to originally be? I lIke it though. Also her mind went blank cause she was getting mind controlled by Zygarde and team flare…
Entry 2: Lissi needs sleep so she’s projecting on dawn
There’s one thing about Dawn and that is that while she is usually energetic and playful, she loves sleep. If she doesn’t sleep, she will be tired. As she flopped onto the bed in a Pokémon centre, she saw a large figure in the window.

“What is that?” She thought to herself as she pulled back the curtain. When she did and got a good look at it, she identified it as a large dark gray Pokémon with what looked like long white hair and a red scarf almost?

It looked dawn in the eyes for a good five seconds, then took off into the distance. Dawn made a note to tell Lucas and Barry about it in the morning since they got a separate room. As dawn tried to fall asleep, she kept getting nightmares of that large Pokémon. After a while it was enough, so she checked her alarm clock. 1:08 am. How nice. She spent none of that sleeping, so she knew she was going to sleep in tomorrow.

As she was about to go back to sleep, she saw a slight sparkle in the corner of her mind, as if in a sort of waking dream if she closed her eyes. That sparkle approached her too, and revealed itself as a large yellow and pink pokemon, about the same size as the last one, if not a bit smaller, she wanted to stare at it longer, it was so pretty, but she felt her eyelids getting heavy and started drifting off to sleep.

She woke up to the alarm she set; 9:00. She made a note of how refreshed she was feeling, despite going to sleep so late. Perhaps it was the pretty yellow Pokémon? Who knows. Little did dawn know, this wasn’t the last time she’d be seeing these two mysterious Pokémon.

i thought this would be one last little thing before I sleep. Didn’t mean to make it about sleep. Oops. Well Um. Good night hope you enjoyed?
Entry 3: “I swear to arceus. If I melt on that stage in front of so many people I will literally-”
In a park just outside of Striaton city in the Unova region, an outdoor stage had been set up, and quite a lot of people were waiting for something to start. just behind the stage, there were two “movie star” campers set up. Inside one, a pink haired girl in a fancy outfit was finishing her makeup while a blonde boy stood a bit off to the side wearing a similar sort of outfit.
”lots of people out there, nans.” The blonde boy, Curtis, said. the pink haired girl, Yancy, continued her makeup.

”why’d you call me nans? Why call me a nickname of a name thats not even mine?” She asked, looking back at her partner, who was now looking out the small window and trying to get an exact number on the crowd. He looked at her and smiled.

“well Nans, what are you talking about? Who’s yancy? Who’s Curtis? Ive only heard of Nancy and I’m Cristoph!” Curtis said, poking fun at their two stage identities. Yancy giggled slightly, put down her makeup brushes, and fixed the bow in her hair. She sighed.

“I guess we’ve got to perform out here, huh. Indoor stadiums are always better than the unovan summer heat, even if the backstage AC is always broken…” She stood up from her seat in front of a mirror, Adjusted her outfit, and turned to face Curtis. “Well, at least no one out there actually knows us. Imagine if Hugh or Nate or Rosa were out there and we’re just melting off the stage.“ she let out another slight giggle, then turned to the mini fridge. “How many bottles of water do you think theyll Let us chug before and after we go on stage?” She asked Curtis.

He thought for a second, then replied. “I think we could get a one bottle before, and maybe a few more after? Why did they have to choose a day that’s so burning hot? Do they want us to melt or something up there?” they shared a laugh as yancy pulled some freshly chilled bottles of water from the mini fridge.

Just as they were about to take a first sip of water, they heard a knock on the door. “Nancy! Cristoph! We needyou in two minutes! I hope you’re ready!“ their stage manager called. They glanced at each other knowingly.

the two proceeded to rush out of the trailer and find their place behind the stage without getting sweaty and ruining their Hair and makeup. “oh arceus, just standing here’s making me sweat. It feels warmer than usual Today.” yancy thought out loud.

“I think it’s the amount of stuff we’re wearing compared to our normal outfits. The temperature shows about the same as it’s been for the past week.” He looked out into the crowd. “well, i hope we don’t melt up there in front of that many people.” He said with a smile. Yancy returned it. As they walked up the stairs to the stage together, they heard the music start, the crowd quiet, and the announcer start talking. As they were paused just off of the stage, they found themselves instinctively holding hands. This was from when they were younger and little kids holding hands is cute. Theyd mostly outgrown it now, but it’s a habit. As the announcer called out for Nancy and cristoph, Curtis gave Yancy one last look.

“Let’s do this Yancy.”

I don’t mean this as a ship Fic, I don’t personally shop them and their not shipped in my verse, but I guess you can interpret this how you want. I just wanted to write some idol fluff. Hope it’s readable, I’m feeling tired but also want to write. Hope you enjoyed! Edit: I’m gonna edit this tomorrow, I have some slight changed i want to make but I’m tired so I’ll do them later
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Hey um hi I just remembered this exists hehe… um so heres a lissiverse Gloria oneshot based of the song mastermind by Taylor swift (I kinda based Gloria off of that song so… yea.) (lyrics in italics) (it’s kind of a Gloria x Victor fic maybe yea idk)

Once upon a time, the planets and the gates and all the stars aligned… you and I ended up in the same room, at the same time

I walked over to the hotel lobby to see what was going on. There were lots of people standing around something. I peeked into the crowd and saw Leon, the Galar champion everyone loves. In that crowd, I saw someone familiar. The detective boy. The one I’ve been seeing so many times recently. The one that’s going to be mine.

the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me

I walked into the crowd. Everyone was still trying to talk to the champion, with his younger brother trying to talk himself up. The good thing for me is that this brother’s friend is exactly who I need to get to. I managed to get next to him. “Hello there.” I said, barely audible over the people. He looked back at me. He greeted me, and it fell into a conversation about the league challenge.

To assess the equation of you…

I watched him. He talked to me, while glancing over at his purple haired friend. I talked to him. I took mental notes.

A chain reaction of countermoves…

I ask him if he wants something to eat. He says yes. I walk over to the small snack bar. He follows. We eat. We talk.

Moves and countermoves.

In my head, this is all a chess game.

We make our way back through the crowd. Move the pawns to create openings.

I ask him if he’s staying here. The knight jumps in to attack.

I ask his name. The queen makes her way to the other side.

Checkmate, I couldn’t lose

• • •

His purple haired friend joined him. He said to meet him here tomorrow morning. I smiled.

I’m a mastermind.
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