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Lissis general life and non pokeverse blog

mastermind lissi

i’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams!
Oct 28, 2023
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Hi guys i have like 5 thousand blogs /s but i decided to make one to just talk about stuff that isn’t my pokeverse and keep the other one to just that. So this will probably have bits of my life maybe and probably some of my hunger games obsessing! So yea hi guys
Hmm no one looks here but I’m gonna write here anyways

Uh so I made a Tumblr account then it got terminated like 12 hours later (I forgot my password and the verification email wasn’t sending so I changed my email and something happened). I found a cool person who’s a fan of Pokémon and the hunger games and I got their discord (I also made a new Tumblr account, still haven’t gotten a verification code to verify my account but whatever). I think they also made a bulba account to read my fic so that’s cool.

I spent like half an hour last night watching the most random things on YouTube (aka ace attorney animatics cause I just left MEs stream and wasn’t that tired. I found one and it was… I would say probably the dumbest thing I watched that night but in the best way possible.

I really need to figure out a full art piece soon, haven’t really worked on something for a while. I should also be getting onto making myself a tortured poets department themed profile picture… I have an idea. Or, should I wait until March so I don’t forget about it near April 19th?

I’m also going to a city in the next province over and it’s like a five and a half hour drive so that’s cool. We’re going on Friday and coming back the next day so we’re just gonna take an overnight stay there. Wonder how much of my playlist I can get through heheh… I also wonder if I’m gonna be productive in the car and work on things like art or writing or just be on bulba or discord or YouTube the whole time… we’ll see

Uh let’s see. Oh I’m always just gonna put the song(s) currently stuck in my head at the end here: Just like clockwork, the dominoes cascaded in a line!!
Do you really have to know where I was April 29th..?
(Not song titles, just lyrics that are stuck in my head)

Um bye to whoever’s reading this I guess!
So. Hi people. I keep forgetting this (and all my other blogs for that matter) exist but I think I’m going to write here right now cause I’m sitting on my couch and doing nothing.

There is SO MUCH SNOW here. Like I think we got 30-40 cm of it yesterday. As much as I like snow, this amount makes it genuinely dangerous to drive places and school was cancelled today. I hope school is open tomorrow so I can get some kind of band class in before the music festival on Thursday. We’re going to preform at a music festival here then so that’s cool. We’re going bowling right before it and eating at a mall so that’s cool too. I was supposed to have a track meet on Tuesday but that got cancelled (I forget the reason at the moment)

I finished an actual art piece for once, which you can find in my art gallery. Not the happiest with the background ever but I kind of like it? Idk. If you look at the speed paint video (I have it I just can’t post it) you can see me getting stuck at the background and testing a bunch of random brushes instead lol

I think I can hear the snow clearing trucks in the parking lot right now. Lemme check if they’re cleared anything. Ooh ok so the parking lot is now drivable, I’m not so sure about the main roads though. I have my last soccer game today, and I hope it doesn’t get cancelled because of the snow. We’re supposed to be going to Dairy Queen after so that’s cool. Kind of weird thinking that the indoor season is almost over. Our out of town tournaments got cancelled on us so I think that’s part of the reason it’s felt much shorter than most seasons.

I am very excited about April 19 because… NEW TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM you probably already know this (maybe you don’t) but it’s called the tortured poets department and…. It seems very sad. she said it was in the works for about two years so that means she started working on it almost immediately after Midnights. What if…. If these songs have a vibe similar to you’re losing me i will be so happy cause I’ve been obsessed with that song. I do wonder how the sad vibe will fit with the chaotic sound of the titles (which got leaked, sadly. No cool reveal.) (songs like: “Florida!!!” “I can fix him (no I really can)” “but daddy I love him” “the smallest man who ever lived”) also I don’t think this is relevant but the release date is ten days before April 29 which she mentioned in the song high infidelity….

I could talk for longer about Taylor swift but I think I’m gonna end this here. Again, i don’t know how many people read this, but thanks to the people who do I guess. I have a journal app that got downloaded with this new update that I get notifications to write in every other day but those are usually shorter cause I’m mostly talking to my self. They’re more chaotic though

So…. See you later for who’s reading this? (Also glitch (by Taylor swift) is stuck in my head rn heheh)
So… post 5000! I wanted this to be somewhat meaningful so I stopped by here. I’ve been posting in fun and games and out of the box threads for the past ten minutes to get 5k and it’s a bit past midnight now so I should sleep. I’m just happy to have 5k posts and I’m happy bulbas been such a great place through all those! And I’m slightly surprised I have so many with the like half a year I’ve been here

Anyways I should be sleeping!
Aaaaand lissi forgot this existed again. No school today, but I haven’t had much time to sit around in my house because we were doing stuff in the morning and then went somewhere for lunch.

Still super excited for the tortured poets department, coming out April 19th. I’m supposed to be getting Invisalign the day before so If it’s annoying enough I could stay home from school the next day and listen to the new album? Maybe? I also saw someone online say something about the order of the songs on the album: “so long London” is a track 5 (which are known for being the sadder/more vulnerable songs on the albums, and also seems like a callback to the song London boy…. Hm…) and the song after that is called “but daddy I love him” so we’re gonna be processing the track five and be thrown into whatever craziness is in that track 6……

My cousin, aunt, and uncle are supposed to be coming over from the city they live in next Friday, and then they’re leaving on Saturday. That’ll be fun I think.

I genuinely don’t know how to write long blog posts I didn’t think my life was this boring heh….

Anyways, I guess this is it for now. Feel free to use this to talk to me if you’d like, or ask me anything as long as it’s not a really heavy question I guess!

You’ve gotta step into the daylight, and let it go….
Hi everyone! (Or like. Mudkipz lol) I forgot about this again but I’m bored so I felt like writing more

Been listening to reputation a lot lately, especially delicate for some reason. Delicate is really good, and the music video is really good tooo
Uhh ttpd comes out in two weeks and one day! Super excited. Wonder if she’s gonna drop a single before…? I’ve heard theories that she might drop one either tomorrow (two weeks before the album) or on the eighth (solar eclipse)

I’m writing this while listening to delicate on repeat cause I feel like it

Since it’s Thursday I’ve got a few days left before school starts again…. I don’t wanna go back to schooollllll

It’s raining for the first time in a long time! It’s the first time it’s been above zero so it doesn’t come out as snow, and the rain is nice! Looking out my window now, the rain seems to have stopped (at least where I am) but the rain melted a bunch of snow which is nice! (Which in turn will make the puddles even bigger than they were yesterday…. Which were big)

Me and Mao went to a Dairy Queen together yesterday! We were eating our ice cream and fries in peace when I said “it would be weird if someone we know came in” and guess what happened. A guy from school walked in (he left like a minute later?? He didn’t even buy anything lol) we didn’t wanna pay for drinks so we rinsed out maos blizzard cup and put Pepsi in there and drank from it with two straws

We went to sit outside and wind blew it over so we got more. We finished that so we decided to run over to the playground nearby in the 5-10 minutes we had before both our parents wanted us back but it was too wet so we ran back

I’m thinking of drawing over more screenshots from the delicate music video cause the shading and everything is really fun

I’m gonna be so excited when reputation Taylor’s version comes out

I’m hoping that delicate (or look what you made me do) (or ready for it) starts getting played on the radio cause I want to hear it when I’m just sitting in my car and so the rest of my family will hear it (and not just one of the vault tracks like 1989 tv (or absolutely nothing like speak now tv iirc)) (I think reputation will be big enough) (hey if I listen to delicate tv on repeat enough when it comes out will it get on the charts and the radio will play it?)

Uhh I think that’s all bye guys
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