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Lookin for French golduck and Shiny Seviper!!!

pokemon Arter!!
Apr 26, 2014
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anyone know someone who plays pokemon x/y that lives in France??
lookin for a french golduck....
in french itsname is Akwakwak
i got a french psyduck with the name Psykokwak.....

I was hopping to find someone who is located in france, trade then my FR psyduck getting it to 32 [close to evolving] then letting them evolve it.
after that, id get them to trade it back to me... i mainly just want it to have the legit french name ^^;

willing to offer arts for trade.
meaning ill draw a pokemon of thier choice in return for this

along with this i am also lookin for a shiny seviper!!!
PLEASE ONLY LEGIT POKEMON... no fake generated ones
Lvl 16. Beat that, #635
Dec 30, 2011
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I can provide that Golduck directly if you wish, but your method can be done as well. I'm fine with either of these.

Wait, I didn't realise it was for Generation IV, and not X & Y... I can only do that in X & Y, sorry :/
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