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Bulbapedia looking for help documenting this undocumented pokemon children's book

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Nov 23, 2020
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after a lot of reverse image searching, and no matches on bulbapedia, i scrapped together some evidence of a 2003 pokemon children's book "Play with English!" intended to teach english to japanese-speaking kids. it came with a CD with both languages, had 30 pages and was published by shogakukan. i'm not sure how this would properly be documented on the site, so i'm posting this searching for help.

product description:
You can learn familiar English words, conversations, and the alphabet with Pokemon. The bilingual CD by Japanese and Americans contains all the English expressions that appear in the book, chants that memorize words with rhythm, etc. Reconstructed the "First grade elementary school" series. [Product description of "TRC MARC"]

Introducing English expressions and English words for each of 12 themes such as "greeting", "color", and "mood" in a single picture of Pokemon drawn lively. Fun conversation examples and alphabet tables. CD also has a lot of contents such as word introduction, chants, songs, etc. [Product description]

here's some sources;
amazon listing
TOC scan
almost complete scan