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GEN VI: Looking for moon ball gligar and Hidden Abilities

Uchuuuuu KITAAAA!!!
Apr 22, 2006
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As the title said, I'm looking for some pokemon:

- A moon ball gligar, female, for breeding purposes. The ability isn't important, but I won't complain if it have immunity;
- A protean froakie/frogadier, female, on a dive ball, for breeding purposes;
- An infiltrator inkay. Preferably female, but male is okay;
- A Symbiosis Flabébé;
- A Friend Guard Scatterbug.

I'm offering the following pokemon, all of them with their Hidden Abilities:

- Noibat;
- Rhyhorn;
- Pawniard;
- Slugma;
- Cacnea;
- Onix (can evolve into steelix if you want);
- Elgyem;
- Seel;
- Krabby;
- Ponyta;
- Makuhita;
- Lileep;
- Whishmur;
- Marril;
- Stantler;
- Shellos;
- Sawk;
- Throh;
- Roggenrola;
- Audino;
- Chinchou;
- Klink;
- Meditite;
- Larvesta;
- Absol;
- Croagunk;
- Poliwag;
- Hoothoot (dream ball);
- Smeargle (dream ball);
- Elekid;
- Magby;
- Growlithe;
- Tyrunt.
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