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LPP releases new Pokémon clothing collections in stores across Europe

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  • Staff
Giving European Pokémon fans even more opportunity to fill their wardrobes with Pokémon branded merch, the Polish-based clothing manufacturer LPP has partnered with The Pokémon Company International to release a further range of collections of Pokémon apparel in stores across Europe, targeting both young and old fans. The new collections in Reserved Kids and Cropp and Sinsay chains will join the range already released in House stores over the European summer.


Mathieu Galante - EMEA licensing director - The Pokémon Company International said:
“We are delighted to be working with LPP on these exciting ranges, which add yet more style to our expansive fashion lines. A dynamic, creative and ambitious company, they are also award winners for their sustainable practices. With demand continuing to grow across Europe for ‘Pokémon’ apparel and accessories, LPP are ideal partners to strengthen our presence across the key territories of Poland and Germany.”

The exact items available in the range appears to vary from country to country, however the majority of the items are be focused around Pikachu, with a scattering of items featuring other popular 1st generation Pokémon.


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